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This article is about the top-level domain. For the .ai file format, see Adobe Illustrator Artwork. For other uses, see Ai (disambiguation).
Introduced 1995
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Offshore Information Services
Sponsor Government of Anguilla
Intended use Entities connected with  Anguilla
Actual use Used for some sites based in Anguilla; although second and third-level registrations are available worldwide there hasn't been much use of them
Registration restrictions None
Structure Registrations possible at third level, beneath several second-level labels, are available to anybody; second-level registrations are now available to anybody as well (as of 26 June 2006).
Website Nic.com.ai

.ai is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Anguilla. It is administered by the government of Anguilla.

Second and third level registrations[edit]

Registrations within off.ai, com.ai, net.ai, and org.ai are available unrestrictedly, worldwide. From September 15, 2009, second level registrations within .ai are available to everyone worldwide.

There is a US$100 fee to become a registered user at whois.ai. Domains are $100 for each two-year period; ordering requires a physical process with a faxed form and manual payment and address confirmation required, with between a one to three-month waiting period for the domain to be available..[1]

Records on the TLD[edit]

The .ai TLD is notable for having an MX record, allowing mail to be delivered directly to "recipient@ai." (with trailing period).[2][3] It also has an A record: http://ai./


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