1994 in video gaming

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List of years in video gaming (table)


Notable releases[edit]


PlayStation video game console, first released in Japan


  • New companies:Neversoft
  • Defunct: Commodore, Tradewest
  • September 14 - Video gaming magazine Nintendomagasinet is cancelled after four years. Number 9 of 1994 would have been released on this day, but instead the magazine joins Super Power.
  • Apogee establishes the 3D Realms Entertainment division.
  • Blizzard Entertainment is renamed from Silicon & Synapse.
  • SSI sold to Mindscape
  • Alpex Computer Corp. v. Nintendo lawsuit: Alpex sues Nintendo over patent infringements. Nintendo loses the case.
    • Nintendo of America, Inc. v. Dragon Pacific Intern


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