1st Concert Oh Yeah! 1999

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1st Concert Oh Yeah! 1999
Video by Ami Suzuki
Released September 2005
Recorded May 1999
Genre J-pop
Label Sony

1st Concert Oh Yeah! 1999 was the original first live-recorded concert of Japanese singer Ami Suzuki. It was recorded in May 1999 but it wasn't released until September 2005 with the release of the box set Bazooka 17 under Sony Music Entertainment.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Nothing Without You
  2. Silent Stream
  3. Boku no Shiawase (ボクのしあわせ?)
  4. Asu, Atsuku, Motto, Tsuyoku (明日、あつく、もっと、つよく?)
  5. Another World
  6. ...Smile
  7. Moujiki asa ni naru no ni (もうじき朝になるのに?)
  8. In My Diary
  9. All Night Long
  10. White Key
  11. Don't Leave Me Behind
  12. Love the Island