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List of years in Australian television


  • 1 January – Digital Television arrives in the major state capitals of Australia, with the ABC and SBS permitted to operate multi-channel services.
  • 25 January – The Seven Network loses the TV rights to the AFL for the first time, since televised football began in 1957. The rights are won by a Nine Network-Network Ten-Foxtel consortium.
  • 1 February – The Network Ten undergoes a major revamp in its production and circle logo and on air graphics as a part of a new network re-launch, with the launch of its motto Seriously Ten, which are both currently in use to the 2012 revamp.
  • 5 February – The Weakest Link premieres on the Seven Network, airing twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. After the AFL season concludes with Seven broadcasting for the last time, the latter show is bumped to only on Thursdays.
  • 22 February – The voice actors behind the Funimation dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z Sean Schemmel (Goku, Nails and King Kai) and Christopher Sabat (Piccolo, Vegeta and Yamcha) appear on Cheez TV for an interview on Network Ten.
  • 10 April – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation a sequel to the American mystery/crime drama television series in the CSI franchise, premieres on the Nine Network and is shown every Tuesday at 8:30 pm.
  • 24 April – The Australian version of Big Brother premieres on Network Ten.
  • 25 April – Brooke Marshall wins the second season of The Mole, taking home $100,000 in prize money. Michael Laffy is revealed as the Mole, and Hal Pritchard is the runner-up.
  • 2 June – The ABBA Tribute Show goes to air live on the Nine Network.
  • 24 June – Australian children's Sunday morning wrapper programme Couch Potato airs its final episode on ABC hosted by Abby Coleman and David Heinrich and finishing up with a rerun of SimsalaGrimm.
  • 16 July –
  • 1 August – The ABC launches its very first digital multi-channel service ABC Kids. The channel airs programmes aimed at children and runs from 6:00am to 6:00pm.
  • 11 September – Television networks relay coverage from CNN, NBC, ABC America and the BBC for up to 48 hours in the wake of the 11 September attacks. Ten News made the record books as the first Australian Television News Service to ever cover the Coverage on its Late News bulletin with Sandra Sully.
  • November – After Prime Television axes Regional television news bulletins in Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra, and Southern Cross Ten axes regional bulletins in Canberra and North Queensland, the ABA holds an inquiry into the adequacy of regional news services. Bulletins eventually return to those areas in 2004, albeit in the form of two-minute updates during weekdays in the ratings season.
  • 1 November – The ABC launches another digital multi-channel service called Fly TV. Airing from 6:00pm to 6:00am, the channel broadcasts music videos, reviews, comedy, drama, news programming, sport programmes, cartoons and current affairs for teenagers and young adults.
  • December – After 21 years, Sale of the Century is "rested". It later returns to the Nine Network as Temptation in 2005 and runs until 2007. Also another Nine Network game show Burgo's Catch Phrase has given the axe after 4 years.
  • December – The Nine Network will introduce a watermark on its programs. Until now, the Channel Nine watermark will now be broadcast on all news (until 2008 for the major revamp of its news bulletins, but reinstated in late 2009), current affairs and Live programs.
  • December – A record $72,900 is won on The Weakest Link's special titled The Best of the Best.




Program Channel Debut date
The Big Arvo Seven Network 1 February
The Weakest Link Seven Network 5 February
Cash Bonanza Nine Network 3 March
Head Start ABC 4 March
Big Brother Network Ten 23 April
Insiders ABC 15 July
Cybergirl Network Ten 21 July
All Aussie Adventures Network Ten 5 August
McLeod's Daughters Nine Network 8 August
Catalyst ABC 9 August
The Glass House ABC 10 August
Always Greener Seven Network 9 September
Fishing Australia WIN Television 2001
The Great South East Seven Network (Queensland) 2001
Hook, Line and Sinker Southern Cross Tasmania 2001
The World Game SBS TV 2001
Greed Network Ten 2001


Program Channel Debut date
United States Cupid Network Ten 3 January
United Kingdom State of the Planet ABC TV 10 January
United Kingdom Four Fathers ABC TV 12 January
United Kingdom Dad ABC TV 15 January
United States Savage Dragon Network Ten 24 January
United States Passions Seven Network 29 January
United States The Hughleys Seven Network 29 January
United Kingdom The Big Knights ABC TV 30 January
United States The Wacky World of Tex Avery Seven Network 3 February
France Soupe Opera ABC TV 4 February
United States Malcolm in the Middle Nine Network 5 February
United States Payne Network Ten 5 February
United Kingdom Hero to Zero ABC TV 12 February
Canada Shadow Raiders ABC TV 13 February
United Kingdom Big Kids ABC TV 14 February
Germany Junior Seven Network 17 February
United Kingdom/Canada/France The Baskervilles ABC TV 26 February
Canada Angela Anaconda ABC TV 27 February
United Kingdom Kiss Me Kate ABC TV 9 March
United States Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Seven Network 24 March
United Kingdom Takács Quartet SBS TV 24 March
United Kingdom Life Force ABC TV 26 March
United Kingdom Love in a Cold Climate ABC TV 1 April
United States Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Seven Network 7 April
United States Spider-Man Unlimited Network Ten 9 April
Germany Plonsters ABC TV 9 April
United States CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine Network 10 April
United States Sabrina: The Animated Series Seven Network 28 April
Australia/Canada The Saddle Club ABC TV 30 April
United Kingdom The Sins ABC TV 4 May
United States Ed Network Ten 8 May
United States Sheep in the Big City Nine Network 14 May
United States The Zeta Project Nine Network 16 May
United Kingdom Pond Life SBS TV 19 May
Japan Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 SBS TV 19 May
United States That's My Bush! SBS TV 19 May
United States X-Men: Evolution Nine Network 25 May
United Kingdom Harry and the Wrinklies ABC TV 30 May
United States House of Mouse Seven Network 2 June
United States/United Kingdom/Wales/Scotland Animated Tales of the World SBS TV 2 June
United States Jackie Chan Adventures Network Ten 1 July
United Kingdom Cubeez ABC TV 2 July
Canada My Best Friend is an Alien ABC TV 2 July
United Kingdom Titch ABC TV 9 July
United Kingdom/Canada Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show! SBS TV 14 July
United Kingdom Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married Nine Network 30 July
Canada Maggie and the Ferocious Beast ABC Kids (digital only) 1 August
United Kingdom Rosie and Jim ABC Kids (digital only) 1 August
Japan Cardcaptors Network Ten 6 August
United Kingdom Preston Pig ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 7 August
United Kingdom/Hungary The Mystery of Black Rose Castle ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 15 August
United States Stark Raving Mad Seven Network 20 August
United States The Lone Gunmen Seven Network 30 August
United States Rocket Power Network Ten 31 August
United States Sylvanian Families Network Ten 1 September
United States The Street Nine Network 4 September
United States Courage the Cowardly Dog Nine Network 5 September
United States Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Seven Network 6 September
United States Mike, Lu and Og Nine Network 10 September
United Kingdom Ethelbert the Tiger ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 24 September
United States Beverly Hills Teens Network Ten 30 September
United States Butt-Ugly Martians Network Ten 1 October
United Kingdom Bill and Ben ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 3 October
United States The Ananda Lewis Show Nine Network 8 October
United Kingdom Tiny Planets ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 30 October
Canada The Kids from Room 402 Network Ten 18 November
United Kingdom El Nombre ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 19 November
United States/Canada Sitting Ducks ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 19 November
United Kingdom In a Land of Plenty ABC TV 19 November
United States What About Joan? Network Ten 2 December
United Kingdom Albie ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 6 December
United States The Fugitive (2000) Nine Network 6 December
United Kingdom/Canada Treasure ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 6 December
United States The Invisible Man (2000) Network Ten 6 December
United Kingdom Custer's Last Stand Up ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 7 December
United States The Oblongs Nine Network 8 December
United Kingdom Human Remains SBS TV 15 December
United States Horrible Histories (2001 cartoon) ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 17 December
Canada Eckhart ABC TV, ABC Kids (digital only) 20 December
Germany Light Through Ashes SBS TV 30 December
France Oggy and the Cockroaches ABC Kids (digital only) 2001
France Space Goofs ABC Kids (digital only) 2001
Canada What About Mimi? Seven Network 2001
United States/Canada/Germany Weird-Oh's Seven Network 2001

Changes to network affiliation[edit]

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on an Australian television network that had previously premiered on another Australian television network. The networks involved in the switch of allegiances are predominantly both free-to-air networks or both subscription television networks. Programs that have their free-to-air/subscription television premiere, after previously premiering on the opposite platform (free-to air to subscription/subscription to free-to air) are not included. In some cases, programs may still air on the original television network. This occurs predominantly with programs shared between subscription television networks.


Program New Network(s) Previous Network(s) Date
United States/Canada The Magic School Bus ABC Kids (digital only) Network Ten 1 August
United States Johnny Bravo Nine Network Seven Network 14 September

Subscription television[edit]


Program Channel Debut date
Kate & Julia[1] Arena 8 August


Program Channel Debut date
United Kingdom Fat Dog Mendoza Nickelodeon 2 January
United States/Canada Yvon of the Yukon Nickelodeon 2 January
Maury United States Maury[2] Arena March
Custer's Last Stand Up United Kingdom Custer's Last Stand Up[3] Nickelodeon 16 March
As Told by Ginger United States As Told by Ginger[3][4] Nickelodeon 6 April
United States The Oblongs Oh! 17 July
Being Eve New Zealand Being Eve[5] Nickelodeon 24 August
Invader Zim United States Invader Zim[6] Nickelodeon Q3/Q4
United States Samurai Jack Cartoon Network 2001
Japan Cardcaptors Cartoon Network 2001
Japan Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Cartoon Network 2001
United States/Canada/Germany Rainbow Fish Disney Channel 2001
Canada Theodore Tugboat Disney Channel 2001
Japan Dinozaurs Fox Kids 2001
Germany/France/Canada Wunschpunsch Fox Kids 2001
United States Generation O! Nickelodeon 2001
United States/Canada Kong: The Animated Series Fox Kids 2001
United States Dora the Explorer Nickelodeon 2001
United States Dragon Tales Fox Kids 2001
United States Adult Swim Cartoon Network 2001
United States Home Movies Cartoon Network 2001

Subscription premieres[edit]

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on Australian subscription television that had previously premiered on Australian free-to-air television. Programs may still air on the original free-to-air television network.


Program Subscription network Free-to-air network Date
Eugénie Sandler P.I.[6] Nickelodeon ABC TV 3 August


Program Subscription network Free-to-air network Date
Canada/Australia Dumb Bunnies Nickelodeon Seven Network 2 January
United Kingdom An Actor's Life For Me[7][8] UKTV ABC TV 10 April
United States Angel[9] Fox8 Seven Network[citation needed] 24 April
United Kingdom Full Wax[10][11] UKTV ABC TV 1 June
Brittas Empire, The United Kingdom The Brittas Empire[10][12] UKTV ABC TV 6 June
United States Friends[13] Oh! Nine Network 3 July
Drew Carey Show, The United States The Drew Carey Show[13] Oh! Nine Network July
United States ER[13] Oh! Nine Network August
United Kingdom Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Nickelodeon ABC TV 2001
France Insektors Fox Kids ABC TV 2001
United Kingdom Budgie the Little Helicopter Fox Kids ABC TV 2001
Canada Freaky Stories Nickelodeon ABC TV 2001
New Zealand Oscar and Friends Nickelodeon ABC TV 2001


Program Channel Debut date
2001 Kids' Choice Awards United States 2001 Kids' Choice Awards[3] Nickelodeon 12 May

Television shows[edit]


Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten

Ending / Resting this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
24 June Couch Potato ABC 1991
6 August Water Rats Channel Nine 1996
16 August Above the Law Channel Ten 2000
25 August Crash Zone Channel Seven 1999
29 November Burgo's Catch Phrase Channel Nine 1997
29 November Sale of the Century Channel Nine 1980
2 December Head Start ABC 4 March 2001


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