Achadinha de Baixo

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Achadinha de Baixo
View of Achadinha de Baixo (in the upper right) from the Plateau with the Sucupira Market
View of Achadinha de Baixo (in the upper right) from the Plateau with the Sucupira Market
Country Cape Verde
Island Santiago Island
City Praia
Developed 1960s
Postal code 7600

Achadinha de Baixo or simply Achadinha is a neighborhood in the northern part of the city of Praia, Cape Verde. The etymology of Achadinha is a small volcanic plateau.


It is bounded with Craveiro Lopes in the south, Fazenda in the east, Eugênio Lima in the west and a river, the Ribeira da Trindade separaing Calabaceira in the north.

Its size is about 25 to 30 ha, its length ranges from 500 meters in the east to 680 meters, the widest in the west and its width ranges from nearly 380 meters in the south to about 450 meters directly east-west to 500 meters within the stream in the north as its widest.

Housing developments occurred in around the 1950s. The neighborhood has houses without any architecture and there were no paved or cobblestone streets except for the main ones, the southwestern part started to have its streets paved and now only half are paved or with cobblestone.

About Achadinha de Baixo[edit]

Achadinha de Baixo has a health center which it its nearest located in nearby Craveiro Lopes. The nearest fire station is at the border with Fazenda inside that subdivision.

It has a small sports complex used for futsal, volleyball and basketball, it is an outdoor facility.

Sports clubs[edit]

  • Celtic FC and Varanda[1] are the football (soccer) clubs of the area. The small football (soccer) field is in Calabaceira but the club plays much of its matches at Estádio da Várzea in the south.

Notable person[edit]

One notable person was Lela Violão (1929-2009) who lived in the neighborhood for a part of his life.[2]


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Coordinates: 14°55′37″N 23°30′42″W / 14.927°N 23.5117°W / 14.927; -23.5117