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Grupa Allegro Sp. z o. o.
Allegro logo.png
Type of business Private company
Type of site
online auction
Founded Poznań, Poland (1999)
Headquarters Poznań, Poland
Area served Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Bosnia&Herzegovina
Owner Cinven, Permira, Mid Europa Partners
Key people Arjan Bakker, CEO
Grzegorz Brochocki, COO
Industry Auctions, Electronic commerce
Products Online auction hosting, Online payment systems, Price comparison service, Online classified adverts
Registration required to buy and sell. limited buying (only "buy it now", not auctions) is possible without registration.
Allegro (auction website)
Alexa rank 194 (December 2014)[1]
Allegro zone at Woodstock Festival Poland (2015).

Allegro (Polish pronunciation: [aˈlɛɡrɔ]) is a Polish online auction website.

Is managed by Grupa Allegro (Allegro Group) which was formed in 1999 and subsequently purchased by online auction site QXL Ricardo plc in March 2000. QXL was soon acquired by Tradus which in turn was acquired by Naspers in 2008. In October 2016 Naspers sold the Allegro Group to an alliance of investor funds: Cinven, Permira and Mid Europa Partners

Immensely popular in Poland, Allegro is ranked 194th among the world's most used online websites by Alexa Internet (26 December 2014) - compared to eBay UK at 92nd and eBay Germany at 77th.[2]

In 2011, Allegro claimed to have over 11 million users.[3]

Sister sites[edit]

Following up on the success of Allegro, its subsequent owners went to open a number of localised auction sites in other countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia:

  • Poland - and, (Other sites:,,,
  • Czech Republic -
  • Slovakia -
  • Hungary - and (Other Allegro sites in Hungary:,,,
  • Russia - and (Other:
  • Ukraine - (former, (Other sites:,,
  • Bulgaria - (Other sites:,,
  • Belarus - (Other:
  • Romania - (Other Allegro sites in Romania:,,,
  • Moldova -
  • Kazakhstan - (Other site:
  • Serbia -
  • Bosnia - (Other than auction site)
  • Turkey - (Other sites:, Ticaretimiz, Zizigo and EnModa).

Controversies about commenting system[edit]

According to Allegro regulations article 11.6[4] it is not necessary for a comment to be truthful, which may lead to their abuse. In 2008, a court in Łomża, Poland, ordered a buyer to apologise for submitting an untruthful comment about a seller.[5]

In order to avoid receiving negative comments, users either don’t leave any comments or leave falsely positive comments to counterparties. This makes the comments an unreliable source of information about the credibility of members.

Comments on the Allegro cannot exceed 250 characters[6] and cannot be supported by photos and any links.[4]


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