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Andre Birleanu
Born (1982-08-07) August 7, 1982 (age 34)
Moscow, U.S.S.R.

Kensington, London

Manhattan, New York
  • Model
  • inventor
  • actor
  • executive producer
Years active 1996–present
Spouse(s) Eloisa Birleanu (m. 2014)

Eva Sofia Birleanu

Azzura Birleanu

Andre Birleanu is a Russian-Romanian supermodel and executive producer who appeared in numerous campaigns and international fashion publications troghout the years.[1][2] He is a television personality whom has been featured in America's Most Smartest Model. Recently, Birleanu has been shot for Dolce & Gabbana global campaign along with his daughter Azzura Birleanu, wife Eloisa Birleanu and actress Monica Bellucci.[3][4] MTV named him "one of the hottest men on television".[5][6] As executive producer Birleanu created fashion covers and editorials for publications like Vogue[7] Elle[8] GQ,[9] Schön[10] L'Officiel, Hunger, Numéro, Tatler, and Harper's Bazaar.[11][12]

Early life[edit]

Birleanu is the son of Vladimir Birleanu, a Russian diplomat and Carmen Bîrleanu, a Romanian diplomat.[13] Birleanu was born in the Soviet Union, Moscow, but traveled extensively due to his father's work under the Soviet diplomatic corp.[14] In 1996, his mother, now deceased, was working for the United Nations in New York and invited her son to America to attend University.[15] He attended John Jay Criminal Justice Academy having awarded full scholarship but soon after he was discovered as a model and decided to put it all on stand-by as the traveling didn't allow him to properly attend his classes.[15] He is fluent in English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,[16] and still struggling with his native Russian as depicted on America's Most Smartest Model.[17]


While attending John Jay Criminal Justice Academy in New York, he was approached by the legendary team of Boss Models; at the same time Karen Lee head of International Scouting at Elite Models New York was pulling him towards John Casablanca's empire, in the end, David Bosman, John Babin and Calvin French end up being his closest thing to family for many years. There, he learned the fashion business and developed the "RAW GLAM" that he is known for.[18]


Andre Birleanu worked for numerous international fashion houses and publications like Dolce Gabbana, Hamilton Watches, Boxeur Des Rues, Jordache, The Iconic, MTV, Speedo, Esquire, AndMen, Source, Complex, Número Homme, GQ, Used[19]Details, Men's Health, L'Officiel, PF Fliers, Marc Ecko, Rocawear, Converse, Fila, Calvin Klein, Sean John, 2xist, Big Black Book, worked with Nathaniel Goldberg, Steven Klein, Steven Meisel, Carlos Serrao, Zach Gold, Nigel Barker, Bruce Weber, Mathias Vriens, Calvin French, Domenico Dolce. Harpers Bazaar contributing editor Mary Alice Stephenson once said in her interview "I like how serious Andre Birleanu takes fashion, if there would be a World Fashion Association, Andre could run and win" [20]


Andre Birleanu was featured in the music summer hit "Every Word" as pop star Daniella Pavicic love interest.[21] The song and video have been #1 Song of the Year in United States and UK BILLBOARD top music charts for 46 weeks and won multiple awards.[22][23] "Every Word" video was produced by Matt McDermitt ( Backstreet Boys, Riz, Kim Sozzi ).


Andre Birleanu has been represented by fashion agencies such as DNA Models, Next Models, Q Management, Boss Models, Karin Models, L'Agence Models, Mc2 Management, Metropolitan, Wilhelmina, Major Models and for commercial work by Innovative Artists in Hollywood.[24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32]

Personal life[edit]

Andre Birleanu has had short romantic relationships well documented by international media throughout the years. He dated Czech model Katarina Benzova both being represented by Next Models, separating months after due to her United States visa limitations at the time,[33] Luxembourg model Alice Rauch,[34] Brazilian model Janaina Reis.[35][36] While residing and filming between New York and Hollywood in 2009, he dated German model Daria Pleggenkuhle, Brazilian model Ana Catharina Jaqueira who is the mother of his first child, Eva Sofia Birleanu [37] part of the relationship was also Ukrainian model Vika Kuropyatnikova.[38][39] Soon after the birth in Brazil, the relationship ended.[40] In 2012 while shooting on location in São Paulo Brazil, Andre Birleanu discovered and start it dating,[41] now his wife, Eloisa Birleanu with whom he married in 2014 and gave him his second daughter Azzura Birleanu,[8][42][43]

Business Ventures[edit]

Birleanu is the founder and executive producer of Supreme Rocket Productions a multi-purpose European corporation who since September 2011 expanded in a variety of creative industries making international fashion covers, software implementation in fashion industry, representing artists like Rothko, Van Gogh, Ruben, Pollock and managing careers of high-end fashion professionals.[44] Since December 2016 Birleanu is also the founder and chief financial officer of Supreme Global a British corporation.[45]

Legal trouble[edit]

In October 2007, allegations of sexual misconduct from a model whom he dated in the past appeared, soon after district attorney's office in the Criminal Court of Manhattan dismissed the case and dropped all charges. Birleanu maintained his innocence the entire time and wished to counter prosecute for false charges and slanderous allegations mean to stain his reputation.[46] In 2012 Birleanu was the "almost" victim of an armed robbery assault while visiting daughter Eva Sofia Birleanu in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil ; Birleanu fought the knife armed criminals sending two in hospital while third got away, not aware that Brazilian Military Police was on standby, recording entire incident, recoding used later in the conviction.[47][48]

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