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Baldwin Jones was a fictional character in the television series NYPD Blue. He was played by Henry Simmons from Season 6 until the end of the series in Season 12.


Jones's mother named him for the writer James Baldwin.[1] He had previously worked in the police department's bias crimes unit, and transferred into the 15th Precinct to replace James Martinez.[1]

Jones had an imposing physique -- he was well over six feet tall, and worked out regularly.[1][2] When the situation demanded it, he used his size and strength to intimidate suspects. Despite the difference in their size -- Medavoy is about five feet, six inches tall and is often battling weight gain -- he and Greg Medavoy become close friends and solid partners, with Jones often using his calm and direct demeanor to hide his irritation and immediately refocus Medavoy when Meadavoy was talking about some inane subject, or otherwise displaying his neurotic tendencies.[3]

Jones and Assistant District Attorney Valerie Haywood had an on-again, off-again relationship, which included a pregnancy and miscarriage.[1] After they repaired their relationship, aided Jones in parenting a troubled teenager named Michael Woodruff, whom Jones took responsibility for after investigating the murder of Woodruff's mother by his father.[1]