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Bangladesh University of Business & Technology And Dhaka
BUBT logo.jpg
Motto Committed to Academic Excellence
Type Private University
Established 2003 (2003)
Chancellor President Abdul Hamid
Vice-Chancellor Md. Abu Saleh
Location Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
23°48′23″N 90°21′08″E / 23.8065°N 90.3522°E / 23.8065; 90.3522Coordinates: 23°48′23″N 90°21′08″E / 23.8065°N 90.3522°E / 23.8065; 90.3522
Campus Plot # 77-78 Road # 9 Ropnagar Mirpur-2, 1216 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ ইউনিভার্সিটি অফ বিজনেস অ্যান্ড টেকনোলজি) or BUBT is one of the eight private universities to receive the Green Signal from the government, located in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The university was established under the Private University Act 1992.[1] BUBT is regulated by the Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC).

BUBT was founded in 2003 under the authority of the Private University Act and was approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC)[2] and the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh. It was modeled after North American universities. It started its operation in the Dhaka Commerce College campus, the founder organization of BUBT. It is running its programs in its own campus at Rupnagar R/A, Mirpur. Classes are also held at Dhaka Commerce College campus. In 2011 UGC has ranked BUBT as one of the best eight private universities. Around 1,000 students were awarded with their graduate and post graduate degrees in the first convocation this year (2011). BUBT is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.[3]


It is one of the eight Universities to receive the Green Signal from the government, in spite of its being one of the very young Private Universities of Bangladesh, established in 2003. It is modeled on North American Universities and it was duly approved by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) and the Ministry of Education, Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh. It was founded by Dhaka Commerce College, Mipur-2, Dhaka-1216 and is managed by a Board of Trustees and a Syndicate in which the Principal of the College and the Chairman of the Governing Body of the College are the Ex-Officio members.


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) has a location in Mirpur, Dhaka, adjacent to Dhaka Commerce College, the National Zoo and the Botanical Garden. The administrative and academic activities of BUBT are carried out in a newly constructed south facing eleven storeyed spacious building having amenities for teaching and learning. The building will ultimately be raised to 20 levels having more than 150,000 squire feet space under the same roof.


Undergraduate programs[edit]

Faculty of Business[edit]

  • BBA (Major in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and HRM )

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences[edit]

  • B. Sc. Engineering. in EEE for Diploma Engineers
  • B. Sc. in CSIT (Four-year Program)
  • B. Sc. in CSIT for Diploma Engineers
  • B. Sc. Engineering. in CSE (Four-year Program)
  • B. Sc. in Textile Engineering (Four-year Program)
  • B. Sc. in Textile Engineering for Diploma Engineers
  • B. Sc. Engineering. in CSE for Diploma Engineers
  • B. Sc. Engineering. in EEE (Four-year Program)

Faculty of Arts & Humanities[edit]

  • BA (Hons.) in English

Faculty of Social Sciences[edit]

  • B. Sc. (Hons.) in Economics
  • B. Sc. (Hons.) in Environment & Development Economics

Faculty of Law[edit]

  • LL. B (Hons.) (Four-year Program)

Graduate programs[edit]

Faculty of Business[edit]

  • EMBA (Major in Accounting, Finance, Marketing & HRM)
  • MBM (Two year evening program)
  • MBA (Major in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management & HRM)

Faculty of Arts & Humanities[edit]

  • M. A. in English (Two-year evening program)
  • M. A. in English Language Teaching (ELT)

Faculty of Social Sciences[edit]

  • M. Sc. in Economics (One-year evening program)

Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Science[edit]

  • M. Sc. in Mathematics (General: Two-year evening program)
  • M. Sc. in Mathematics (General: One-year evening program)
  • M. Sc. in Mathematics (Thesis: Two-year evening program)
  • M. Sc. in Mathematics (Thesis: One-year evening program)

Faculty of Law[edit]

  • LL. B (Two-year evening program)
  • LL. M (Two-year evening program)
  • LL. M (One-year evening program)

Faculty of Business[edit]

Department of Finance[edit]

The department offers a four-year BBA program and a two-year MBA program.

Department of Accounting[edit]


Besides the curricular activities The Department of Accounting accomplishes the following co-curricular activities:

Arranges Accounting Day in which the students of this Department take part in different competitions such as quiz competition, debate, case study and poster presentation.

Organizes seminars and workshops regularly on various contemporary issues.

Different cultural activities are organized on various occasions.

The Department arranges study and industrial tours for the students for mental recreation and gaining practical knowledge.

Accounting department has formed an Accounting Club which engaged in different social activities for helping the vulnerable people.

Department of Management[edit]

Department of Marketing[edit]

Department of Marketing is one of the core departments of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). It started its journey with the establishment of BUBT in the year 2002.

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences[edit]

Department of Textile Engineering[edit]

Department of CSE[edit]

The department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was established in November 2005. It started with B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT) program. In 2007 it starts B.Sc. Engg. in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). Both of the programs are offered in day time. In the year 2008 considering the need of higher education for diploma engineers BUBT started these programs in the evening shift.. Currently there are about 700 students studying in Undergraduate Program. Database Systems, Computer Security, Networking, Image Processing, Computer Graphics etc. are the major research areas existing in the department. All teachers and students can use the broadband Internet facilities; the department uses Multimedia Projector in the classrooms and in laboratories.

Department of EEE[edit]

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of BUBT is one of the youngest departments in the university.It is self-sufficient in laboratories.In spite of being one of the youngest departments, the Department of EEE holds the most important achievement in the history of this university. "Team-Cybertron",[4] A team which is formed by few students from the EEE 5th Intake became the National Champion of the Robotics Competition RMA ROBORACE - 2013, organized by the Robo-Mechatronics Association (RMA) of Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) in 2014. [5]

Faculty of Arts & Humanities[edit]

Department of English[edit]

The Department of English is one of the departments at BUBT. Currently, the Department has fifteen full-time faculty members who earned their degrees from famous foreign and local universities and are always engaged in different literary activities. The department regularly organizes seminars, where professional literary figures present their scholarly papers and enlighten and stimulate the students in doing their own study from innovative standpoints. Beside the BA (Honors) program, a 2-year MA program has been in action with concentration on literature, whereas the present day trend of English Language Teaching (ELT) has also been taken into consideration resulting in a separate Masters program (1 year) in this prospective area of concentration.

Faculty of Social Sciences[edit]

Department of Economics[edit]

The Department of Economics is one of the departments at BUBT. The B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Economics and B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Environment and Development Economics are both full-time four year day programs, consisting of 12 (twelve) regular semesters. Usual course load is 12 credit hours in each semester. These programs are designed with compulsory high-level courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics along with other courses. The programs are entirely taught in English. In the last semester students will do either an internship assignment or a project under the guidance of a faculty supervisor for the completion of the B.Sc. (Hon’s) Degree in Economics. In addition, students will do either a supervised Thesis or a Comprehensive & Oral Exam for the completion of the B.Sc. (Hon’s) Degree in Environment and Development Economics. Thus, the students are offered the opportunity for academic qualifications suitable for careers in business and various government offices, as well as for specific areas in administration, educational, research, consulting and policy making. The Department of Economics also offers M.Sc. in Economics which is a full-time evening program requiring eighteen months for completion. Currently, the Department has twelve full-time faculty members. The departments regularly organize seminars where professionals present their key note papers. Besides this, the departments regularly arrange study tours.

Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences[edit]

Department of Mathematics[edit]

Mathematician Prof. A. F. M. Khodadad Khan is advisor of this faculty. Prof. Khan has supervised a good number of Ph. D. and M. Phil research fellows. In his credit he has twenty five research papers published in different famous journals of home and abroad. Prof. Dr. Nirmal Kanti Mitra is Dean of this faculty. He is also working as supervisor of researchers in the Jahangirnagar University. Under his supervision already one Ph. D. and one M. Phil researcher have obtained their degrees. Two Ph. D and three M. Phil students are working under his supervision at present. In his credit he has three text books and fifteen research papers. The Mathematics Department of BUBT started working from the fall semester of 2005 with Masters in Mathematics (1 year) program. From the summer semester of 2007 the Masters in Mathematics (2 Year) program was introduced .Three other programs B.S honors (4 year), M.Phil (2 Year) and Certificate course (1 year) are under processing. In the present ongoing program students are studying both general and thesis group. Students of thesis group Prof Khodadad khan and Prof.Dr.Nirmal kanti Mitra supervise the researches. Currently, the Department has fifteen full-time faculty members who earned their degrees from famous foreign and local universities and are always engaged in different researches activities. Most of teachers of Mathematics and Statistics are continuing higher degree from home and abroad. Computational Mathematics is the most important specialization of the department.

Faculty of Law[edit]

Department of Law and Justice[edit]

The Department of Law & Justice is earliest and veteran department at BUBT. The significance and application of law is very important and valuable for our society. So BUBT authority was started the functioning of the Dept. of Law & Justice in 2005. To meet the requirements of society as becoming good lawyers, judges, academics and professionals in multi-dimensions of law, BUBT designed LLB(Hons), LLB (2years), LLM(1year) & LLM(2years) programs under the department of Law & Justice. In a view to face the challenges of new millennium, the different programs of Dept. of Law & Justice are a step forward and it is hoped that the programs will play a commendable and expected role towards achievement of the objectives. At present there are fifteen full-time and five part-time experienced faculty members serving the department as teachers who earned their degree from different famous local and foreign universities. The department has a regular Chairman, five Assistant Professors and eight Lecturers and more than six hundred students. The department is always try to engage Professors from Public Universities, Judges, Advocates as part-time teachers and several batches from different programs are successfully finished their studies.

Academic calendar[edit]

BUBT follows a model of higher education consisting of semesters, courses, credit hours, continuous evaluation and letter grading. The academic year begins from October and runs through September of the following year. An academic year is divided into the following three semesters:

  • Fall  : October - January
  • Spring : February - May
  • Summer : June - September

The semester duration is usually of fifteen weeks-thirteen weeks for classes and two weeks for final examination and result.


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