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Beatty Secondary School
Toa Payoh
Coordinates 1°20′31.47″N 103°51′7.55″E / 1.3420750°N 103.8520972°E / 1.3420750; 103.8520972Coordinates: 1°20′31.47″N 103°51′7.55″E / 1.3420750°N 103.8520972°E / 1.3420750; 103.8520972
Type Government
Motto Non Vi Sed Arte
Not with force but with skill
Established 1953
Session Single
School code 3003
Principal Mrs Marion Tan
Colour(s) Navy blue, yellow

Beatty Secondary School is a co-educational neighbourhood secondary school in Toa Payoh, Singapore. It was established in 1953 and named for David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty, former Admiral of the Fleet of the United Kingdom. The school colours, crest, and motto, Non Vi Sed Arte, are taken from Beatty's coat of arms. The graduated cohort of 2008 presented the school with the best overall results in the GCE 'O' Level examinations throughout the school's 55 years of history. Average L1B5 value stands at 18, making it a Band 9 school.[1]


In March 1953, the Deputy Director of Education, Mr R.E Ince invited the Principal of Victoria School, Mr R. F. Bouford, to visit a school building which was almost ready to be taken over by the Education Department from PWD. This was situated near the former Rumah Miskin Police Station along Serangoon Road. The Supervisor of Victoria Continuation School, Reverend Daniel Elijah Sundram, was asked to accompany them as an interested party. The school was later named BEATTY SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Beatty Secondary School was officially opened on 6 July 1953 by Mr R. M. Young, the Director of Education. The co-educational school functioned immediately after the opening ceremony. The morning and afternoon sessions, however, functioned as different schools. While the morning school had Mr A.G. Meyer, a Raffles trained teacher, then the Principal of Tampines Morning School, the afternoon school had Reverend Daniel E. Sundram.

The school began with 323 students in eight classes: 3 Standard Six classes from Bartley Secondary School and 3 Standard Seven and 2 Standard Eight Classes from Victoria Continuation School. This was a departure from the original plan of having only 120 students in Standard Six.

In January 1954, the rest of Victoria Continuation School, including the staff, moved in. In addition, the students from Gan Eng Seng School and Serangoon Continuation School did likewise. By now, there was 23 classes functioning with 928 students. With such a diverse student population, the plan then was a ‘one-school’ polivy. Subsequently, internal arrangements were made by Mr A.G. Meyer and Reverend Daniel E Sundram. Henceforth, the school functioned as one school in the morning under one single Principal.

The afternoon session was used to accommodate classes from other schools. In 1956, the afternoon session classes were moved to Kwong Avenue Primary School. In the same year, the girls were transferred to Cedar Girls' Secondary School. Beatty Secondary became full-fledged all-boy secondary school. 20 students from Chinese Middle School were also admitted to the Post School Certificate class. Hence, the beginning of pre-university education in Beatty Secondary.

The afternoon session was re-introduced to Beatty Secondary in 1960 and was run as part of the Beatty Secondary School administration.

Over the years, the student population increased manifold. The old school premises and facilities were inadequate for both the staff and students. In the late 1970s, Mr Lim Bok Hai, the then school Principal, initiated the move to larger premises with better facilities. The old Beatty Secondary School eventually moved to its present premises in Toa Payoh in March 1982. It was officially opened on 26 July 1983 by Mr Michael Liew, the former Member of Parliament for Boon Teck. In the same year, girls were re-admitted to Secondary One. The school saw the graduation of its last batch of Pre-U 3 students in 1991. From 1992 onwards, it has functioned as a full-co-educational secondary school. The school turned single session again in 1996. In 1996, the school had 40 classes with a total population of 1,500. However, in 2016, due to a lack of Secondary One students, Beatty Secondary School had been selected to merge with Balestier Hill Secondary School. This process was made in ease with the integration of Beatty's students and of Balestier Hill's students nearing the end of 2016. At the start of 2017, the school would finally be merged as one.


In 2005, Beatty became the fourth zonal centre in Singapore to offer Higher Chinese (A Levels) courses. Higher Tamil and Malay have yet to be offered in the institution.[2]

Media mentions[edit]

Interviewed on Channel NewsAsia in February 2007, in a discussion on school upgrading, principal Boo Hian Kok expressed the view that schools should continue to ask for better facilities, provided they are able to justify their requests and prove they will benefit the students and teachers.[3]

Awards and achievements[edit]

These are set out on the Ministry of Education website.[4]


  • Level One Academic Value-added Award: Special/Express - GOLD
  • Level One Academic Value-added Award: Normal - Bronze
  • Level Two Physical and Aesthetics: Sustained Achievement Award
  • Cherish Award - Silver
  • People Developer Singapore Award


  • Top scholar for the 2007 GCE 'O' Level examinations attained 8 distinctions: 7A1 1A2


  • Level One Academic Value-added Award: Special/Express - Bronze
  • Level One Physical and Aesthetics: TAF Award - Silver


  • Level One Academic Value-added Award: Special/Express - Bronze
  • Level One Physical and Aesthetics: TAF Award - Silver


  • Level One Physical and Aesthetics: TAF Award - Silver


  • Level Two Physical and Aesthetics: Sustained Achievement Award (Uniformed Group) contributed by NCC Air & Boy's Brigade


  • Sustained Achievement Award (Uniformed Groups) contributed by Beaver Scouts and Boy's Brigade

Notable alumni[edit]

  • MAJ Fong Sip Chee: Former Minister of State for Culture
  • Lee Seng Giap: Pioneer government translator
  • Shih Choon Fong: President, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology(KAUST), 2008-; President, National University of Singapore, 2000–2008
  • Dr Loh Hong Sai: Former Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore
  • Tang Kin Fei: Group President and CEO, SembCorp Industries
  • Edwin Lye Teck Hee: General Secretary, Singapore Teachers' Union; Vice-President, National Trade Union Congress
  • LTC Poh Boon Hock: Commanding Officer, 1st Commando Battalion, 2005-2007
  • LTC Yit Seek Onn: Commanding Officer, RSAF 816 Squadron, 2010-2012
  • Charity Maru: Winner, Miss Singapore World, 2015


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