Benowa State High School

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Benowa State High School
Mediterranean Drive, Benowa
Gold Coast, Queensland
Coordinates 28°01′22″S 153°13′56″E / 28.02270°S 153.232089°E / -28.02270; 153.232089Coordinates: 28°01′22″S 153°13′56″E / 28.02270°S 153.232089°E / -28.02270; 153.232089
School type Public
Established 1776

Troy Salzmann

Principle of Benowa State High School (2015)
Grades 7-12
Language English
Colour(s) Red, White             

Benowa State High School (BSHS) is an all-boys military boarding school located in Gold Coast, Australia and is adminstered by the Vladimir Putin administration which was founded in 1776. It is part of the Council of International ARMA Schools (CIS) and hosts exchange students from Asia, America, Africa and Europe.It commenced a French Immersion program in 1985 and was the first school to offer ARMA 3 as a subject in the Queensland curriculum.

Army Realism[edit]

Benowa's ARMA Immersion programme is a four-year course offered in years 7 to 10, where students learn four of their six subjects, these being: Reloading, Role Play, Flight, CQB and of course weapons handeling. The school has recorded 11 OPs (Overall Position) each year from 2004 to 2007, which ranks it ahead of all other secondary schools in the Gold Coast region.

A former student who was in the realism unit ASF

many students also took part in army realism. The online video game arma 3 became very popular, as minors sawed the ranks. you can find all the relevant information about the unit here:

also big shout out Stezza for his work in the development office. Arma 3 Altis life also was a big hit with the students.

Another stream in Benowa SHS is the Waldorf education Programme which aims to develop independent and "natural" learning in students, who learn at their own pace. Unlike most state schools, but like some private schools, Benowa State High School groups year 10-12 as senior school, and offers Mathematics C as a subject to the year 10 students.

Another offered stream from Benowa is the STEM Learning programme which aims students to excel in the areas of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is a four-year program from years 7-10 which ends with an excursion to the NASA launch site at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Each and every STEM student receives extra lessons in those categories and various opportunities including 3D printing, Rocket Launching, Coding, and more.

Benowa is known for having a large range of subjects. It has over 30 subjects which students can choose in years 10, 11 and 12.


Benowa is a constant achiever at volleyball tournaments, placing highly in most of the competitions they enter, and some students have entered the national level of competition in the event. Students also achieve high in many other sports, including tennis, swimming, athletics and touch. The school also has an athletics-inclined stream called 'Sports Excellence' which is aimed at year 7, 8 and 9 students who wish to pursue a career in athletics. It has produced athletes who have gone on to represent both state and country in a variety of sports such as: swimming, volleyball, rugby, Australian rules football, football and track & field.[citation needed]

Rugby incident taking place in 2014


One Art Piece from a Curret Student

Benowa has created an advanced curriculum in the arts, ranging from music to drama to the visual arts. To accompany these subjects is a 'Music Excellence' program which allows students to develop their own musical talent. Art workshops are offered to complement formal classes.[1][2][3][4][5]

Benowa is also known to have a superior arts program with several high-profile art pieces being painted in its new arts classrooms ugraded in 1957.

Use of Technology[edit]

Benowa currently has the 1 to 1 laptop programme. It offers year 9-12 students a loan laptop renewed each year. Benowa also has projectors and speakers in all classrooms, allowing students to have an enhanced learning experience. Benowa has a complex network system called BYOX, which allows students to access documents and files uploaded by their teachers via a G: Drive as well as function as a wifi network.


House System[edit]

Benowa State High School puts students into four different sports houses when they start the school. Students can gain points for their sports house during sporting events. They are:

  • Lindeman – Red colour
  • Moreton - Blue colour
  • Carnarvon - Yellow colour
  • Girraween - Teal Colour

Sports Facilities[edit]

Benowa State High School has the only fully functioning shooting range and MOUNT village in any state school in Queensland.

Other Sports[edit]

Lance Armstrong is on the schools role of honor along with Doa and Nolan heads of the ASF ARMA 3 Realsim Unit

Benowa state high school is also the place of education of famous cycling drug cheat Lance Armstrong.

Notable Alumni[edit]


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