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The Bharwana caste are a subcaste of Sial (tribe) of Jats who came to this part of the subcontinent in the 14th century from Rajasthan, then Rajputana. They embraced Islam at the hands of Sufi poet Baba Farid Ganj Shakar. Bharwanas are settled along river Chenab in villages like Satiana, Mukhiana, Khewa, Sultanpur, Chund Bharwana Qaim Bharwana, Kot Mirza and Chianwala in the Jhang and Chiniot tehsils. They have been a political force in the district for a long time. One of their elders, Mehr Zafarullah( Nasir Abad ) became chairman of Jhang District Council in 1987 and 1991. He also became MPA for three times and he also was the Advisor to Chief Minister.Mehr Ghulam Haider returned as MNA on several occasions. Mehr Akhtar Abbas became chairman of Jhang District Council in 1991.

The former went on to become provincial minister for industries. Mehr Aslam was an adviser to the Punjab chief minister in 1990.Mehr Amjad Nawaz Bharwana chairman of union council.Mehr Liaqat Ali Bharwana chairman of union council Dhoi Head Trimmo.

sultanpur in 1992. Akhtar Abbas Bharwana II became the General Manager of TEVTA. Babar Hassan Bharwana ( Nasir Abad )is a very successful and hard working bureaucrat.

Bharwanas were traditionally very strict about their women. But now literacy rate among Bharwana women is improving day by day. that some women are playing important role in the politics of Pakistan nowadays, these renowned personalities are, Ghulam Bibi and Saima Akhtar.

Ghulam Bibi belongs to Satiana village, situated in the heart of the constituency, and is a granddaughter of former MNA the late Ghulam Haider Bharwana.

Saima Akhtar belongs to Kot Mirza, Jhang.She is facing a very strong candidate in Sahibzada Nazir Sultan of the Millat party. Saima came into politics when her father Akhtar Bharwana.

The Bharwana clan are a landlord, horse loving, pet loving, breaucratic & political clan in Pakistan and even now in all over the world, popular because the men from Bharwana Family are brave, fighter and respective and women too.

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