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Blönduós old town
Houses in Blönduós.jpg
Skyline of Blönduósbær
COA Blönduósbær.png
Coat of arms of Blönduósbær
Blönduósbær is located in Iceland
Coordinates: 65°40′N 20°18′W / 65.667°N 20.300°W / 65.667; -20.300
Region Northwestern Region
Constituency Northwest Constituency
Manager Arnar Þór Sævarsson
Area 183 km2 (71 sq mi)
Population 881
Density 4.81/km2 (12.5/sq mi)
Municipal number 5604
Postal code(s) 540, 541

Blönduós is a town and municipality in the north of Iceland. Blönduós, which means the mouth of the river Blanda, is one of the busiest tourist stops in Iceland. For anyone travelling the Ring Road between the Northern Region and the Southern Region, it is a logical stop to rest, eat and fill the tank. It is also an ideal place to stay for a day or two and explore the fascinating nature and surroundings. Like many towns and villages around Iceland, Blönduós didn't emerge as a village until the late 19th century. There are few old houses in the village although there is a small cluster of older houses from the first half of the 20 century on the south side of the river. [1] Blönduós does not have a good harbour, but the settlement's main role is as a dairy service centre for the surrounding farm areas.


Blönduós is situated on Route 1 at the mouth of the glacial river Blanda for which it is named (Blöndu is an oblique case of Blanda). On a hill above the town is a church with striking architecture that is intended to resemble a volcanic crater.

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