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CosMoS CE2F were series of Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) built by M/s Cos.Mo.S Spa Located in Livorno, Italy.

The craft has a weight of 2,100 kilograms and a length of 7 meters. It resembles a torpedo but with two open compartments amidships for the crew, although some models has enclosed cockpit. Its electric motors gives it a submerged range of 50 nautical miles (95 km) at four knots, the maximum speed being five knots. For long distance it generally reaches the operating area either attached to or towed by another vessel. The belly-pan beneath its cockpit can carry special equipments or 230 kg of heavy explosive charges or 150 kg of limpet mines or even small 'micro-torpedoes'. They were manufactured in various variants and supplied to various countries. Models were designated according to maximum operating depth in meters - /X30 = 30m etc. X30, X60 and X100 versions were sold. The /X100T version was the most advanced type marketed showing the final evolution of the design. It has digital control module, displaying navigation and platform details, as well as a fully integrated autopilot.[1][2]


  • Length - 7 meters
  • Weight : 2.1 tonnes
  • Maximum depth : 100 m
  • Range: 50 nmi (95 km) @ 4 kn
  • Speed : 5 kn (underwater)
  • Crew: 2

List of customers[edit]

  • Taiwan - CE2F/X30
  • Greece - CE2F/X60
  • Columbia - CE2F/X30 later upgraded to X60
  • India - CE2F/X100
  • Pakistan - CE2F/X??
  • Argentina - CE2F/X60
  • Egypt - CE2F
  • South Korea - CE2F/X60

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