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This is a list of big-box stores by country.


  • Tesco (hypermarkets, United Kingdom)
  • B&Q (DIY home improvent, United Kingdom)
  • Carrefour (hypermarkets, France) homebase(uk)
  • Auchan (hypermarkets, France)
  • E.Leclerc (hypermarkets, France)
  • Darty (electronics, appliances)
  • Conforama (home furnitures, electronics, France)
  • Fly (home furnitures, France)
  • Fnac (music, videos, games, books, Computer Software, electronics, Appliances, France)
  • Decathlon (sports equipment, sports clothing, bicycles, France)
  • Go Sport (sports equipment, sports clothing, bicycles, France)
  • Norauto (automotive, France)
  • Feu Vert (automotive, France)
  • Galeries Lafayette (department store, France)
  • Leroy Merlin (D.I.Y, gardening, France)
  • Castorama (D.I.Y, gardening, France)
  • Bricorama (D.I.Y, gardening, France)
  • Bricoman (Groupe Carrefour) (D.I.Y, France)
  • Sephora (perfumes, France)
  • Marionnaud (perfumes, France)
  • King Jouet (toys store, France)
  • Babies "R" Us (Baby Clothes, Care Products, Furniture, Toys)
  • Barnes & Noble (Books, Music, Videos, Magazines)
  • Best Buy (Music, Videos, Electronics, Computer Software, Appliances)
  • Borders (Books, Music, Videos)
  • Cabela's (Hunting/Fishing/Camping — historically a US-only chain, but opened its first Canadian location in 2008)
  • Cora
  • Costco (merged with Price Club) (Groceries, General Merchandise)
  • Hipercor
  • The Home Depot (Hardware)
  • IKEA (Furniture, Housewares)
  • Kmart (owned by Sears Holdings Corporation) (Groceries, General Merchandise)
  • Kaufland (Groceries, General Merchandise in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia)
  • OBI
  • Office 1
  • Office Depot (Office Supplies)
  • PetSmart (Pet Supplies)
  • PriceSmart
  • Real (owned by Metro AG)
  • Staples Inc. (Office Supplies, Office Equipment)







  • La Redoute (clothing, electronics, appliances, toys, general household merchandise)
  • 3 Suisses (clothing, electronics, appliances, toys, general household merchandise)
  • Mim (clothing)
  • MS Mode (clothing)
  • Mistigriff (clothing)
  • Sym (clothing)
  • Obaibi (clothing)
  • Okaidi (clothing)
  • Brice (clothing)
  • Patrice Breal (clothing)
  • Armand Thierry (clothing)
  • Celio (clothing)
  • Jules (clothing)
  • Vet Affaires (clothing)
  • Gemo (clothing)
  • Kiabi (clothing)
  • La Halle Aux Vetements (clothing)
  • La Halle O Chaussures (shoes)
  • Chauss'Prix (shoes)
  • Chausport (shoes)
  • Beryl (shoes)
  • Optic 2000 (optician)
  • Optical Center (optician)
  • Krys (optician)
  • Generale Optique (optician)
  • Sephora (perfumes)
  • Marionnaud (perfumes)
  • Jean Delatour (Jewellery)
  • Julien D'Orcel (Jewellery)
  • Tresor (Jewellery)
  • Joue Club (toys store)
  • La Grande Recre (toys store)
  • King Jouet (toys store)
  • Picwic (toys store)
  • Self Jouet (toys store)
  • Boulanger (electronics, appliances)
  • Darty (electronics, appliances)
  • Connexion (store) (electronics, appliances)
  • Fnac (music, videos, games, books, computer software, electronics, appliances)
  • Fly (home furnitures, houseware)
  • Coté Maison (home furniture, houseware)
  • Habitat (home furniture, houseware)
  • Pier Import (home furnitures, houseware)
  • Bazar Avenue (home furnitures, houseware)
  • Placard Et Rangement (home furnitures, houseware)
  • Equipa (beds and matresses)
  • Nuits De Reve (beds and matresses)
  • Les Instituts De La Literie (beds and matresses)
  • Dos Lits Les LitsD'Eau (beds and matresses)
  • Lapeyre (kitchens)
  • Cuisinella (kitchens)
  • Schmidt (Kitchens)
  • Hygena (kitchens)
  • Cuisines Plus (kitchens)
  • Maxima (kitchens)
  • Vogica (kitchens)
  • Socoo'c (kitchens)
  • Mobalpa (Kitchens and bathrooms)
  • But (home furnitures, houseware, electronics)
  • Conforama (home furnitures, houseware, electronics)
  • 4 Murs (home decoration)
  • Chantemur (home decoration)
  • Mondial Tissus (home decoration)
  • Mondial Moquettes (home decoration)
  • Saint Maclou (home decoration)
  • Laurie Lumiere (Lamps and lightening)
  • GiFi (dollar store)
  • Noz (dollar store)
  • Giga Store (dollar store)
  • Soho (dollar store)
  • La Foir'Fouille
  • Galeries Lafayette (department store)
  • Printemps (department store)
  • Norauto (automotive, car repairing)
  • Feu Vert (automotive, car repairing)
  • Decathlon (sports equipment, sports clothing, bicycles)
  • Go Sport (sports equipment, sports clothing, bicycles)
  • Intersport (sports equipment, sports clothing)
  • Sport 2000 (sports equipment, sports clothing
  • Supersport (sports equipment, sports clothing
  • Brico Depot (D.I.Y)
  • VM Materiaux (D.I.Y)
  • Point P Groupe Saint-Gobain (D.I.Y)
  • Mr Bricolage (D.I.Y)
  • Bricorama (Groupe Carrefour) (D.I.Y)
  • Bricoman (Groupe Carrefour) (D.I.Y)
  • Bricomarché (Groupe Intermarché) (D.I.Y)
  • Castorama (D.I.Y, gardening)
  • Leroy Merlin (D.I.Y, gardening)
  • Jardiland (gardening)
  • Jardinerie (gardening)
  • Truffault (gardening
  • Carrefour (hypermarket)
  • Auchan (hypermarket)
  • Hyper U (hypermarket)
  • Géant (hypermarket)
  • E.Leclerc (hypermarket and cafeteria)
  • Groupe Casino (hypermarket and cafeteria)

Hong Kong[edit]

PARKnSHOP Superstore











United Kingdom[edit]

  • Argos (General Household Merchandise, Toys)
  • DFS (Furniture)
  • B&Q (Hardware, Home Improvement Materials)
  • Tesco Extra (General Household Merchandise, Clothing, Furniture & Electronics)
  • Asda (grocery and general merchandise)
  • Morrisons (grocery and general merchandise)
  • Sainsbury's (grocery and general merchandise)

United States[edit]

Traditional stores[edit]

Warehouse clubs[edit]

All locations of these chains offer groceries and general merchandise.


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