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This is a brief listing of television channels in the Caribbean region. Note: All channels broadcast in the NTSC standard, unless otherwise stated.

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  • ZJF-TV 3 (Anguilla TV) Anguilla

KCNTV4 - Channel 141

Antigua and Barbuda[edit]

  • V2C-TV 10 (formerly ZAL-TV) CMatt Communications (ABS-TV) - Antigua and Barbuda











British Virgin Islands[edit]

  • See Television stations in Road Town

Cayman Islands[edit]




  • PJC-TV 8 (Tele Curaçao, Curaçao) - (
  • CBA Television, Curaçao - (
  • Nos Pais Television, Curaçao - (


  • RTNS 32, (Radio Television New Song)
  • RTV-7, (


  • No domestic terrestrial television stations; Marpin Telecoms and SAT Telecommunications Ltd, Dominica's cable TV operators both offer locally-produced programming, plus channels in NTSC from the US, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Guadeloupe and Martinique (converted from SECAM). SAT Telecommunications Ltd delivers its offering via digital cable with the use of set top boxes whereas Marpin still uses traditional analogue.

Dominican Republic[edit]

  • AME Canal 47
  • Antena 21
  • Antena Latina Canal 7
  • CERTV - Canal 4
  • Aster TV
  • Carivision International
  • CDN TV
  • CDN 2
  • Digital 15
  • Telemedios Dominicano Canal 25
  • Color Vision (Canal 9)
  • Coral 39
  • Digital Quince
  • NDTV (The Dominican Channel)
  • Santo Domingo TV
  • Supercanal Caribe
  • TV Dominicana
  • Tele Futuro canal 23
  • Tele Contacto Canal 57
  • Tele Antillas Canal 2
  • Telemicro Canal 5
  • Tele Centro Canal 13
  • Teleradio America
  • Telesistema Dominicano
  • Tele Universo (Canal 29)
  • Tele Union
  • MegaVision Canal 43
  • Super TV Canal 55
  • Red Nacional de Noticias (RNN) Canal 27
  • Tele Canal 38
  • Cibao TV Club Canal 53
  • Virus TV Canal 20
  • Merka-TV
  • Telemilenio canal 50
  • Vega TV
  • Super TV 3 La Vega
  • Tele Vida canal 40
  • See also Template:Dominican Republic TV


  • Grenada Broadcasting Network - G.B.N. T.V.
  • Meingingfull television M.T.V. - Grenada
  • Grenada Information Services- G.I.S.
  • Saga Boy Communications-S.B.C.


  • Gayelle TV (cable) - Trinidad and Tobago
  • Community Channel 6-CC6 (cable) - Flow Grenada (Columbus Communications (Grenada) LTD.)


Note: All transmissions in Guadeloupe are in Digital terrestrial television

Local channels

National channels

On cable TV (Numéricable Caraïbes), local channels are

  • Guadeloupe 1ère (RFO)
  • GTV
  • Canal 10
  • Éclair TV


  • Haiti TV


Other areas in Haiti

  • CB5TV CaribeanTV5
  • Canal 4 TNH
  • Canal 4 Télé Caramel - Les Cayes, Sud
  • Canal 6 TV Nord'Ouest
  • Canal 6 Tele Univers - Les Cayes, Sud
  • Canal 7 Tele La Brise Camp-Perrin, Sud
  • Canal 7 Tele 7 Cap-Haïtien
  • Canal 9 Tele Cap-Haïtien
  • Canal 9 Tele Provinciale 9/TNH, Gonaïves
  • Canal 10 Tele Nami- Les Cayes, Sud
  • Canal 11 Tele RTGS - Les Cayes, Sud
  • Canal 10 Tele Maxima
  • Canal 11 Ambiance TV 11, Jacmel
  • Canal 12 TV de la Metropole du Sud, Cayes
  • Canal 12 TNH, Cap-Haïtien
  • Canal 15 Saint-Marc
  • Canal 16 Tele Hirondelle-Les Cayes
  • Canal 65 RTC 65, Saint-Marc
  • Canal 5 Tele Quisqueya



Ination TV

HYPE TV (cable & DirecTV)
RE TV (cable only))
JUICE TV (Cable only) Mandeville, Jamaica))
Mercy and Truth Ministries Television channel 671, channel 94 and channel 745 (MTM TV), Kingston Jamaica

SportsMax (cable only)

Montego Bay[edit]

Mercy and Truth Ministries Television (MTM TV) Channel 671 on FLOW

Ocho Rios (Lillyfield)[edit]

Mercy and Truth Ministries Television (MTM TV) channel 68

Port Antonio[edit]

Coopers Hill[edit]

  • TVJ Channel 7, Coopers Hill, Jamaica
  • CVM TV Channel 9, Coopers Hill, Jamaica

Other areas of Jamaica[edit]

  • CVM TV Channel 4, Marley Hill, Jamaica
  • Love TV Channel 8, Huntley, Jamaica
  • TVJ Channel 9, Yallahs, Jamaica
  • TVJ Channel 10
  • CVM Channel 12, Cabbage Hill, Jamaica
  • TVJ Channel 12, Oracabessa, Jamaica
  • TVJ Channel 13, Huntley, Jamaica
  • CETv! The Family Network Portmore, Spanish Town, St. Andrew
  • TVJ Channel 10, Morant Bay, St. Thomas
  • CVM TV Channel 12, Morant Bay, St. Thomas
  • MTM TV channel 69 (St. Ann) Channel 671 FLOW islandwide


  • Hype TV - Premiere Caribbean Entertainment TV Station based in Kingston
  • Logic One Limited - Digital Picture Perfect Cable TV
  • RE TV - Music and Entertainment from Jamaica
  • TVJ SPORTS NETWORK - Airs regional sports based in Kingston
  • CVM PLUS - Airs regional sports based in Kingston
  • CaribV Tv - Caribbean Family Entertainment
  • CTV - The #1 Station for Arts and Culture in Jamaica
  • SportsMax - The Caribbean's first and only 24-hour sports cable channel, based in Kingston, Jamaica, distributing its signal to 23 other territories in the Caribbean.
  • FLOW Sports is the Caribbean's second 24- hour sports cable channel which is being aired in several Caribbean countrues and Panama.

FLOW Sports is the only regional channel that broadcast in full High Definition (HD) from a state of the art broadcasting studio located in Trinidad.

  • JET - Jamaica Education TV
  • FLOW TV Michele English, president and chief operating officer of Flow in Jamaica, put the local content drive in the context of the company's development. She said that when Flow started its service in Jamaica five years ago, "we made a promise that we would continuously innovate". And English welcomed all to the relaunch of the revamped Flow TV. She made it clear that "we do not have any intention of becoming a broadcaster", while welcoming programmes in business, education, lifestyle, and those targeting children. English positioned Flow TV as "an affordable option for local producers", thereby providing them an opportunity to earn extra income. Michael Look Tong, head of media services, gave an even wider perspective on Flow TV's local content initiative, saying that Flow is moving towards being a user-generated channel with new and interesting content.[1]

Flow which was once owned by Columbus Communications is currently owned by Cable and Weireless Plc (CWC). However, in November of 2015, the board of CWC approved the sale of CWC to Liberty Global who had made an offer.

  • JUICE TV Jamaica -Cultural, Entertainment and Music TV Station based in Mandeville, Jamaica,


Note: All transmissions in Martinique are in Digital terrestrial television

Local channels

  • Channel 1, Martinique 1ère
  • Channel 2, Antilles Télévision (ATV) (Some of TF1 and M6 programmes)
  • Channel 3, Kanal Matinik Television (KMT)
  • Channel, Canal+ Antilles (localised version of Canal+) available on TNT+ (Digital terrestrial television by satellite)

National channels

On cable TV (Numéricable Caraïbes) - more local channels :

  • Martinique 1ère
  • ATV
  • KMT
  • Zouk TV
  • LCC
  • LCL
  • barker channel "announcement channel"


Puerto Rico[edit]

  • See Television stations in the Puerto Rico market


  • PJF-TV 3 (LBC) (Saba)
  • PJB-TV 6 (Tele Curaçao, Bonaire/Saba)
  • PJS-TV 6 (LBC, Saba)
  • RCTV 10
  • PJF-TV-1 11 (ABC, Saba)

Saint Kitts and Nevis[edit]

Saint Lucia[edit]

  • Daher Broadcasting System (DBS) Channel 10 (Cable Channel 35), Castries, Saint Lucia
  • National Television Network (NTN 2) - Saint Lucia
  • VQH-TV 4 and 5 (Helen Television System Channel 4,(Cable: Channel 34) Castries, Saint Lucia
  • EWTN Channel 6, Castries, Saint Lucia
  • Think Caribbean Television (TCT) Channel 36 (Cable Only), Castries, Saint Lucia
  • Choice39 TV Channel 39 (Cable Only), Castries, Saint Lucia
  • Scruffy TV Channel 45 (Internet, Cable, Mobile Device), Castries, Saint Lucia
  • ((Calabash TV)) Channel 44 (LIME) Channel 54, (Karib Kable), Castries, Saint Lucia
  • SHINE TV - WWW.SHINESTUDIOS.TV and WWW.SHINESTLUCIA.TV Channel 49 LIME, Channel 53 Karib Cable, [Castries, Saint Lucia]

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines[edit]

Saint Martin[edit]

  • PJF-TV 7 (LBC) (Philipsburg, Saint Martin)
  • PJM-TV 9 (Naked Boy Hill, Sint Maartin)
  • [TV15 on St.Maarten Cable TV]

Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

See: List of television stations in Trinidad and Tobago, and Template:Trinidad-Tobago-TV

Turks and Caicos[edit]

  • Oasis Media Centre 4NEWS Local Community News Station, Providenciales
  • People's Television Channel 8 Cable Television Services, Providenciales
  • Turks & Caicos Television Cable Television Services, Grand Turk

United States Virgin Islands[edit]

  • See Television Stations in Saint Croix/Charlotte Amalie

Regional cable stations[edit]

  • Multi-Choice TV
  • Nexus - The Caribbean Connection to the World...
  • Hype TV - Premiere Caribbean Entertainment TV Station based in Kingston, Jamaica
  • RE TV - Music and Entertainment from Jamaica
  • Tempo TV - A Caribbean-centric cable television channel
  • CaribVision - A Caribbean-centric cable television channel by the Caribbean Media Corporation, [3] [4].
  • Gayelle TV - Trinidad and Tobago
  • Caribbean Super Station
  • SportsMax - The Caribbean's first and only 24-hour sports cable channel, based in Kingston, Jamaica, distributing its signal to 23 other territories in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean Faith Network The first television channel dedicated to the Caribbean Christian community, available on free-to-air satellite, and on cable.
  • WSEE-TV - the CBS affiliate station in Erie, Pennsylvania, which airs a broadcast feed on cable and satellite for Caribbean viewers (with localized weather forecasts, commercials and infomercials in place of its local newscasts), as part of the Primetime 24 group of channels.
  • FLOW Sports - Regionwide cable station run by FLOW broadcasting sports content 24/7 in Full HD.

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