SCP: Containment Breach

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SCP: Containment Breach
SCP Containment Breach logo.jpg
Developer(s) Joonas Rikkonen
Composer(s) Kevin MacLeod, Tim Morrison
Engine Blitz3D, formerly BlitzMax
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Psychological horror
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

SCP - Containment Breach is an indie supernatural horror video game by Finnish game developer Joonas Rikkonen ("Regalis") based on the stories of the SCP Foundation website.[1]


The player guides a test subject, D-9341, through many obstacles inside of a randomly-generated facility belonging to the SCP Foundation.[2] The facility is divided into three zones (storage, heavy containment, and offices), and contains a large number of anomalous and often dangerous objects and creatures, many of which traverse the facility uncontrolled.

The game's primary mechanic is the Blink meter, which displays the amount of time until the player-character blinks. The player can blink manually to reset the meter at any time.[3] Gas can make a player-character without a gas mask blink more often, while eyedrops can be used and upgraded to help prevent blinking for a while.

SCP Items[edit]

SCP-008 ("Zombie Plague")
Infects the player with a virus that slowly turns them into a zombie.
SCP-012 ("A Bad Composition")
Causes the player to walk up to the composition and cut their wrist to finish it in their own blood.
SCP-049 ("Plague Doctor")
Chases the player down and turns them into SCP-049-2 (which is commonly considered to be a zombie).
SCP-079 ("Old AI")
Causes doors to randomly open or close.
SCP-096 ("The Shy Guy")
Chases down and kills the player if they view its face.
SCP-106 ("The Old Man")
Walks through solid matter and chases the player. If it catches the player then it'll take them to the 'pocket dimension', a realm which SCP-106 has total control over.
SCP-173 ("The Sculpture")
The main enemy in the game.[1] SCP-173 is a statue constructed with concrete and rebar, with a spray-painted face. The statue is very hostile, and instantly kills anyone it encounters by snapping their neck. However, the statue is unable to move if under a direct line of sight.[4]
SCP-294 ("The Coffee Maker")
Allows the player to get a cup of anything they desire.
SCP-372 ("Peripheral Jumper")
Follows the player and can be seen in the corner of the player's peripheral vision.
SCP-500 ("Panacea")
Heals wounds, SCP-008, and symptoms gained from SCP-1025.
SCP-513 ("The Cowbell")
Can be rung to spawn SCP-513-1.
SCP-682 ("Hard-to-Destroy Reptile")
Attacks a helicopter at Gate B.
SCP-714 ("The Jaded Ring")
A jade ring that protects the player from various injuries, but decreases their stamina which prevents them from sprinting.
SCP-914 ("The Clockworks")
A large clockwork machine that can refine or deconstruct any object. The player can use it to improve multiple items (such as creating eye drops that heal wounds), but misuse can harm or kill the player.
SCP-1025 ("Encyclopedia of Diseases")
An encyclopedia that inflicts a random ailment on anyone who reads it. Causes the player to develop the symptoms they read about.


The player takes on the role of D-9341, an unwilling test subject for the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to the containment and research of anomalous artifacts and lifeforms. D-9341 is assigned to testing with SCP-173. During the test, a containment breach occurs, and the site's security is compromised, releasing multiple hazardous creatures. Alone in the darkness, D-9341's new objective is to survive and escape. This is made difficult by two SCPs: SCP-173 constantly appears around corners and in hallways, and SCP-106 chases the player through walls and teleports them to a "pocket dimension."

After exploring the facility, D-9341 is able to survive long enough to reach the site's electrical room, where he disables the site's remote door controls. He then uses a found keycard to access the containment chamber for SCP-079, who states that D-9341 needs its help, and it needs his; the AI reminds the D-Class that his only possible escape route is locked, and can only be opened if SCP-079 regains access to the site's remote door controls. It then offers D-9341 an ultimatum: return the control of the site's doors to it, or die trapped in the facility. The player's ending will depend on their choices in the game, as well as upon which of the facility's three exits they choose to utilize.

The player can choose to cooperate with SCP-079 and attempt to escape through one of the facility's exits (Gate B). There, D-9341 will be killed either by the detonation of a nuclear warhead (done in an attempt to contain SCP-682), or by gunfire from an attack helicopter.

Alternatively, the player can attempt to escape through Gate A, another exit. Gate A is heavily guarded by several guards and three helicopters. When D-9341 enters, the intercom will announce that SCP-106 breached containment (if the player hasn't contained SCP-106). SCP-106 will materialize near a rail and step out onto a bridge, where it will be fired on by an HID (High Intensity Discharge) Turret. SCP-106 will be forced to retreat to its pocket dimension. While all of this occurs, D-9341 will have an opportunity to slip past the distracted guards and run into a small tunnel. There, D-9341 will be abducted by four shadowy figures who are implied to be members of a competing organization, the Chaos Insurgency.


The game has received generally positive reviews.

Gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun said "It’s Warehouse 13 without the quips and the quirks but with a lot more panic, screaming and hiding from creatures made of teeth and wire" adding that "it has a fairly weak model and texture at the moment but hopefully it’ll turn into a massive collaboration".[5] Edge Online gave the game a positive review, calling it an "indie title made in the low-end Blitz3D engine that casts a cheap-looking creature", but adding it "somehow manages to be scarier than most recent big-budget horror games combined."[2]


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