The Save-Ums

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Genres Action-Adventure
Creators Ross Margrave
Dan Clark
First release The Save-Ums
March 11, 2003 (2003-03-11)
Latest release The Save-Ums 3: Helicopter and Traps
August 15, 2004 (2004-08-15)

The Save-Ums is an Canadian series of the broadcast, aired on Three adventures.


  1. The Save-Ums: a Canadian animated show started in 2002.
  2. The Save-Ums 2: a Action film based on the TV shows.
  3. The Save-Ums 3: Helicopter and Traps: a north american, aired on August 15, 2004 (2004-08-15). and ended on February 2, 2006 (2006-02-02)


  1. Jazzi is an enthusiastic girl who dreams to speak the language of wild horses. She is afraid of water and is shown to be the leader in numerous episodes. She also looks out for her younger sibling B.B.Jammies, but all the Save-ums look out for him as well. She is voiced by Tajja Isen.
  2. Noodle is a hound dog-like creature who is the most intelligent of the group, and is the most mature, often being the voice of reason letting others see what is right. He often chooses the machines needed for the job and pilots the Subchopper. He is voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  3. Ka-Chung is a hippopotamus-like creature who is one of the toughest Save-Ums; as his name implies, he is well known to shout "Ka-Chung!" as his catchphrase. He pilots the Ka-Drill. He is voiced by Mitchell Eisner.
  4. Foo is an angelfish-like creature who is the nicest of the Save-Ums and goes on most of the missions. She flies a jet
  5. Custard is a cat-eared Save-Um who pilots the Zoomer, and goes on most of the missions. He is voiced by Jordan Francis.
  6. B. B. Jammies is Jazzi's younger brother, who has a purple American football-shaped head. Since he is too young to go on missions, he mostly plays with the Puffs. He is voiced by Connor Price.
  7. Winston bespectacled whale.
  8. Andre a seahorse.
  9. Olena an octopus.
  10. Raymundo a mexican twin brother ant. Peque's boyfriend
  11. Peque a indian twin sister ant. He's a Peque cute, and beautiful
  12. Oscar a brother monkey
  13. Tina a sister monkey
  14. Dino a dinosaur
  15. Colin a father of Dori and Terrell
  16. Elizabat a mother of Dori and Terrell
  17. Dori a brother glowworm
  18. Terrell a sister glowworn
  19. Tony a first brother crab.
  20. Sal a second brother crab.


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