The Save-Ums

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The Save-Ums!
Created by Ross Margrave
Dan Clark
Starring Tajja Isen
Cameron Ansell
Aaryn Doyle
Mitchell Eisner
Jordan Francis
Connor Price
Country of origin Canada
United States
Original channel CBC Television (Canada)
Discovery Kids (US)
Original run March 11, 2003[citation needed] – July 11, 2006[citation needed]

The Save-Ums is a CGI Canadian animated television series produced by Decode Entertainment. The series premiered on CBC Television that ran on March 11, 2003[citation needed] and ended on July 11, 2006[citation needed].


The Save-Ums are a group of six characters of various appearances, who help various creatures when they run into difficulty.

Each episode begins with a call on the "adventure screen" (essentially a videophone) from an inhabitant of the world in which the Save-Ums live. The caller describes the difficulty that needs to be solved, and then selected Save-Ums travel to the scene of the problem. There are three different places that the Save-Ums travel to solve problems: Rock World, an island with a large mountain, Lava World, a tropical island with a volcano, and Wave World, which is under the ocean.

The Save-Ums then assist in solving the problem. Each episode ends with the problem being solved and the Save-Ums returning to their headquarters.


The Save-Ums[edit]

  • Jazzi, an enthusiastic girl who dreams to speak the language of wild horses. She is afraid of water and is shown to be the leader in numerous episodes .[citation needed] She also looks out for her younger sibling B.B.Jammies, but all the Save-ums look out for him as well. She is voiced by Tajja Isen.
  • Noodle, a creature who is the most intelligent of the group, and is the most mature, often being the voice of reason letting others see what is right. He often chooses the machines needed for the job and pilots the Subchopper. He is voiced by Cameron Ansell.
  • Ka-Chung, a hippopotamus-like creature who is one of the toughest Save-Ums; as his name implies, he is well known to shout "Ka-Chung!" as his catchphrase. He pilots the Ka-Drill. He is voiced by Mitchell Eisner.
  • Foo, an angelfish-like creature who is the nicest of the Save-Ums and goes on 99% of the missions[citation needed]. She flies a jet pack. She is voiced by Aaryn Doyle.
  • Custard, the cat-eared Save-Um who is cool and intelligent[citation needed]. He pilots the Zoomer, and goes on most of the missions. He is voiced by Jordan Francis.
  • B. B. Jammies, is Jazzi's younger brother, who has a purple football-shaped head similar to Stewie Griffin's. Since he is too young to go on missions, he mostly plays with the Puffs. He is voiced by Connor Price.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Puffs, six cute little fluffy characters who live and play with the Save-Ums, but don't go on any missions. They sometimes are a help to them.
  • Winston, a bespectacled whale who lives in Wave World and has an underwater garden.
  • Andre, a seahorse who lives in Wave World.
  • Olena, an octopus who lives in Wave World.
  • Raymundo and Peque, ants who live in Lava World.
  • Oscar and Tina monkeys who live in Lava World. They are voiced by Scott Beaudin and Melanie Tonello.
  • Dino, a baby dinosaur babysat by Raymundo and Peque, who lives in Lava World.
  • Colin and Elizabat, bats who live in Rock World.
  • Dori and Terrell, glowgrubs who live in Rock World. Dori is voiced by Alexandra Lai.
  • Tony and Sal, crabs who live in Lava World and Wave World.


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