The Tell-Tale Heart (2013 film)

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The Tell-Tale Heart is an upcoming horror film directed by John La Tier, based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story with the same name.



A man is haunted by the heart of a man he murdered.[1] The film will move Poe's story into a contemporary New Orleans setting. Rose Mcgowan will star as a character who "may or may not be real".[2]



Filming began in October 2011 in New Orleans.[1] The first image from the set was released on October 28, 2011.[3] The first trailer for the film was released on May 10, 2013.[4] The film will be sold by Darclight.[5] Footage from the film will be shown at Cannes.[6] The film was produced by the companies Popart Film Factory & Leverage Entertainment.


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