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SBB Productions Rryh x Sniper x ClayBoi
The Bahamian Prince Rryh

Up and coming Bahamian artist Davon C. Henfield, otherwise known as "Rryh". Besides being a "Beedie smoking, nappy headed party animal", he was born and raised on the city of Nassau Bahamas. For Rryh hip hop & rap has bin more than just a hobby for him it's his passion he even quotes in songs that it's his life. He started raping from the age of 7. He was discovered at the age 11 from record label producer and founder of valor records independent record label Barry Mckenzie, and he immediately sign him then Chris immediately begin working on his flow and then got into engineering and producing, he's also a song writer and wrote all of his songs and co write lyrics for fellow rappers. Rryh was the youngest of many rappers at valor records, the valor family helped him to develop his unique way of using lyrics with a flow. In 2010 at the age of 14 he released his first remixed song "Baby Blue" For his school Anatol Rodgers High, High school students quickly supported him with the song, he represented all the trouble making high school students in Nassau. At 15 he released his first mix tape "RryH-MiX_TaPe" under valor and saw the hype as an opportunity to start his own group SB Ballers "SBB" "Success Before Ballin". This group consists of rappers Clay Boi, NaeBae, Nicky Ryh and singer Infiniti and a fan base called The SBB-Nation. Valor records had it's star rapper. But unfortunately he left valor records. Rryh then got the opportunity that will changed his life by meeting the lady by the name of Inna polterman, she took a liking to him and waste very little time bringing him to NYC to learn more about the music industry. There he dropped the singles "My Bredrinz" & "Wednesdays" but like the hustler Davon is he decided to keep the money only coming to The SBB-Nation, so at the age of 18 in the later part of 2013 he started his independent record label called Money, Music, Entertainment and all though it's a small new record label the team waste no time putting in work with Co Founder Inna polterman who in the end Turn'd out Rryh's adopted mother! It seem this kid has accomplished plenty in his young life but still is as carefree and chilled as always and he says he isn't even close to finishing his plans for this Industry he has more in stored for his country, The World and fans that he loves so much the SBB Nation And BallaHolicx!