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GITC Investments & Trading Canada Inc. offers business investments specializing in principle investing and lending in all levels of capital structures for both local and overseas clients. GITC and its team of professionals are committed to helping companies and individuals achieve their dreams of coming to Canada as business owners.GITC’s main objective is to make a difference in its operation by programming and coordinating with local and overseas investors to gain access start a business by granting approval from local, provincial and federal governments In Canada.

GITC works in different ways to make a difference with their potential investors through financial advice, lucrative endeavors and partnerships with small, medium and large corporations. GITC works coast to coast where their ideas, people and resources can make positive changes to embrace the success. By pioneering initiative and innovative business ideas those help solve crucial financial and working issues GITC is becoming a leader in their industry.

GITC's main focus is to provide a variety of services to bring investors together with projects and organizations in need of capital and a fresh start. GITC offers direct private investing through local banks and investment companies. Their services last longer and bring more respect and integrity to the untapped opportunities of business.


GITC is based in Mississauga, Toronto , provides consulting, project management, and investment services in real estate, economic development, and urban planning for clients in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Private Equity

GITC adopts a partnership approach to business and seeks to enhance relationships with local operating partners as a value investor in its private investments. This enables GITC's partners to scale operations and position themselves strategically for the future. The firm has substantial local presence with best-in-class teams that are experienced in the markets in which the firm invests. An operational approach brings global best practices to investee companies across marketing, design, construction, operations, finance, and human resource functions. GITC's portfolio comprises over Real Estate and infrastructure assets, which include residential buildings and integrated townships, group housing, office complexes, large format retail centers and lifestyle destinations, neighborhood shopping centers, urban mixed-use projects, and industrial facilities.

Public Equity Investments

GITC takes a long-term approach to public investments and focuses on special situations when the firm, through its bottom-up analysis, believes these securities are attractively priced.

With experience in Real Estate, construction management, investment acquisition, business operations, economic development, asset management, land use planning, entitlement work, and financial analysis, GITC's Investments brings a wealth of abilities, relationships, and insight into any project. GITC was founded based on top level service to its clients, dependability in every transaction, and the ultimate in client discretion and trust.

Assignments and past experience have been diverse and utilize a variety of expertise. Projects can be local, regional, or national in scope. From conducting due diligence work on multi-million dollar real estate transactions TO construction management of a large commercial building renovation or tenant improvements TO pro-forma modeling and valuation studies TO writing/editing Board of Director or Investment Committee reports, no work is too large or too small. All assignments regardless of size are handled with equal attention, judgment, and timeliness.

The GITC Group (GITC Investments & Trading Canada Inc.) is an institutional investment firm focused on long term, value investing. GITC invests primarily in companies which operate in the infrastructure, hospitality, entertainment, retail and real estate sectors.

There are numerous ways in which an individual may apply for temporary or permanent status in Canada. GITC is pleased to assist both business entities and individuals with meeting the extensive requirements of gaining legal entry into Canada as temporary or permanent resident.

Immigration through Investment

GITC is experienced in providing clients with a full spectrum of Canadian business investment and immigration services that will facilitate the quick and efficient relocation of themselves, their employees across the Canada/US border, either temporarily or permanently. This includes Investor and Business Immigration Visa, non-immigrant visas, such as NAFTA-related applications, as well as intra-company transferees, and Skilled Worker immigrant visas.

Following initial evaluation of client’s short or long term Canadian immigration requirements, GITC recommends the most suitable visa category and provide extensive assistance and guidance on the documentation required, the drafting of employment letters; the review of corporate documents; the preparation of a complete submission package for the directors and employees, setting up business, buying existing or new business sites or operations. GITC also counsel each individual to the procedure for applying for the visa upon their initial entry into Canada. As per Canadian governments requirements both provincial and federal immigration considerations are invariably a facet of any overall business strategy, GITC team of professionals are readily available to coordinate immigration advice with your tax, legal, financial, and HR professionals.

Consultation Services

GITC individual clients come to us at various stages of the application process. Some individuals have not yet received an offer of employment in Canada or are not certain what type of jobs they should be looking for. For these individuals, GITC schedule a consultation and comprehensively review the individual’s resume, education background, and family situation to determine the available options that ensure the best chance of obtaining Canadian resident visa.

For those individuals with a valid job offer, or who are ready to begin a sponsorship application, GITC will provide a thorough review of the company and individual’s goals in order to determine the best visa category to apply under, as well as assist the individual with document collection, application preparations, and submission. Processing Timeline

As the processing times vary for each Canadian Immigration visa matter, GITC will investigate the quickest and least demanding post to approach prior to filing the visa application. GITC ongoing liaison with Canadian Authorities, embassies, and Visa Processing Centres and immigration offices supported by its experienced accredited Immigration Consultants keeps their team of professionals apprised of recent changes to immigration regulations and trends at different visa offices. This helps ensure that every application is dealt with in a time-efficient and reasonable manner.

GITC takes extra care in the process of your application or setting up a business in Canada since for many it will be a generational change. They do their best to deliver to each individual who lands at their doors to seek help. GITC services are monitored for best customer service to ensure the successful outcome of each application.