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Dr. Professor Syed Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi
Born 24th August 1960
Karachi, Pakistan
Occupation Professor, Linguistic
Nationality Pakistani
Education Phd, DSc, D. Lit., Colombia University
Spouse(s) Syeda Naheed Mujeeb
  • Syed Zain Anwar Hameedi
  • Syeda Maiyam Anwar Hameedi

Dr. Professor Syed Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi Scholar for Children, Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Linguistic, Editor, Columnist, written more than 8000 scripts.


Early Life & Family

His parents migrated to Karachi after independence of Pakistan but his paternal grandfather Syed Shakir Hussain Hameedi stayed at Badayun and worked as Principal, Islamia College, Badayun. He was born on 24th August 1960 in Karachi, Pakistan. His real name is Syed Yousuf Husain Jamal. His Fathers’ name was Syed Anwar Hussain Hameedi (Badayun, Uttar Pradesh, India) Educationist, Aligarh Muslim University His Mothers’ name was Syeda Fatima Akhtar Naseeri (Educationist, Professor, Aligarh Muslim University, Zubeda College Hyderabad Sindh)

Early Education

He started his primary education in Karachi. He completed his matriculation in 1972 from Karachi Grammar School (Saddar) with first class division. He completed his Intermediate education from D. J. Science College with first class division in 1974-75. He completed his B.Sc from Karachi University with first class division in 1977. His subjects were Physics, Math and Chemistry. There was a gap in education after this and then he left for America. He got married and a daughter was born named Mariyam.

Further Education & Work

Mujeeb Zafar Hameedi returned to Pakistan and then he did his MSc in Physics with first class division and was appointed as a lecturer in Physics at Karachi University. During this period, he got married with Syeda Naheed Nargis in Dec. 1987 and a son Syed Zainulaabdin (Zain Awaar Hameedi) was born in August 1991. Both children are living in America. During the job, Mujeeb Zafar Hameedi wrote columns in local daily newspapers and magazines and in 1991, UNICEF awarded him for his best writings for children. Director UNICEF invited Syed Mujeeb Zafar Mujeeb Zafar Hameedi to America and gave American citizenship to both of his children. During this period his interviews were published in Voice of America, BBC and Washington Post. After returning to Pakistan, Professor Mujeeb Zafar Anwaar Hameedi did his second M.A in Urdu language and linguistics with first position and was awarded Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Award as well as President’s Award.

Literary Work for Children

Mujeeb Zafar Anwaar Hameedi started his literary journey in 1964 by writing in magazines for children in Lahore “Bacchon ki Duniya”, along with “Khilona” (Delhi), “Pegaam-e-Ta’alim” (Delhi), “Guncha”(Bajnor), “Naunehal” (Karachi), “Taleem-o-Tarbiat” (Lahore), “Phool” (Lahore). Along with them he wrote thousands of thesis’ for Monthly Qaumi Zabaan, Afkaar, Duniya-e-Adab, Seep, Shab-e-Khun (India), Qaumi Zabaan (India), Qaumi Zabaan (Karachi), Urdu (Canada), Urdu Manzil (America), Auraaq (Lahore), Fanoon (Lahore), Majla Badayoun (Badayoun/Karachi). In 1999 Professor Mujeeb Zafar Anwaar Hameedi after writing in Azaadi did a PhD in children’s Urdu Literature. Before this Badayoun’s Dr. Asad Areeb did the world’s first PhD in Children’s Literature from “University of the Punjab”. In this way two people in the Urdu World earned PhDs of Urdu Children’s Literature and both were from Badayoun, one being Dr. Asad Areeb (Multan), and the other Dr. Mujeeb Zafar Hameedi (Karachi).

Hon. Phds & Awards

After this Professor Dr. Mujeeb Zafar Hameedi got four Honorary PhDs, one D.Lit. and countless certificates, Best Performance Award, Governor Sindh Awards 2003 & 2008. In 2010 he was nominated for “Sitara-i-Imtiaz” but because Children’s Literature was not included in the main Literature Category, so he was held back from “Sitara-i-Imtiaz”. In 2012 The Literature Academy has nominated him for “Sitara-i-Imtiaz” in the catgegory “Bacchon ka Adab Number”.


Thesis on Dr. Mujeeb Zafar Hameedi’s Art and Personality

  • Naye Rujhanaat bachon kay adab mai aur Dr. Mujeeb Zafar Anwar – Dr. Asad Areeb, Multan 1996
  • Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi, Bachon Kay Baba-e-Adb-e-Atfaal – Dr. Mir Hassan Ali, Karachi Hamdard University, 1997
  • Bacchon Ka Bara Adeeb, Professor Syed Mujeeb Zafar – Mazhar Yousuf Zai, Karachi, 2000
  • Dr. Mujeeb Zafar Adb-e-Atfal Ki Misal – Urdu Academy Delhi, 2001
  • Bacchon Ka Adab Aur Yousuf Hussain Jamal Say Professor Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Tak – Professor P.K Justin, Carlifornia, 2004


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प्रोफेसर जफर अनवर .أستاذ جرجس ظافر أنور حميدي.Профессор Алекс Зафар Анвар Hameedi.교수 Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi.ڈاکٹر پروفیسر سید مجیب ظفر انوار حمیدیڈاکٹر+پروفیسر+سید+مجیب+ظفر+انوار+حمیدی Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi was born on August 24,1959 at Liaqat Abad(sheesh Mahal) Karachi.he started his education from Karachi grammar School(Sadar) and passed his Matriculation Examination since 1976.Now he joined D.J sc. college and passed his F.Sc in 1980.He Passed B.Sc in 1985 then he was a co.operative (assatt.) Lecturer at Urdu Science College,Gulshan e Iqbaal(Karachi).He started his job at Mohammdi Public School since 1985.There was Prof Ghulam Mustufa Khan , Mohammad Ilyas Khan and Mrs. E.S Andrws(Conina , Ca).Now Mujeeb Zafar resigned here after 9 years as Principal of school.He started as Lecture in Urdu at Cadet College Pitaro,Steel Town Karachi and Aga Khan Education Services.In 1998 Prof Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi passed Sindh Public Service Commission and became as Asst Proff in Urdu posted Govt. Boys Delhi College then Sirajud Daulah Degree Collega.Now he was Principal at Konkar Degree College. [ترمیم]Further Profile

Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Basically a writer for children.He wrote many short stories,poems,drammas,autobiography,fictions etc.Ministry of Education subbmitt his name as a noted Educationist and awarded him on his 12 books.Prof Mujeeb Zafar is a noted children educationist and a reference of Juvinile literature all over the world.He wrote 8000 scripts only for Children.Pakistani Govt. awarded Mujeeb Zafar Anwar by Sitara e Imtiz Nomination and Pride of Performance Nomination , coz Children Literature was no submitted as Literature that days. [ترمیم]Spoue and Family

Mujeeb Zafar Anwar hameedi get merried to Syeda Naheed Mujeeb and has two children Mariyam Mujeeb Anwar and Zain Hameedi.He has one sister BUshra Zafar Anwar Hameedi and a brother Navaid Zafar Anwar Hameedi. Mujeeb Hameedi belongs to a nobel family of Badayun.Badayun is a literary region in U.P(India).In Mujeeb's Family there are many educated and literary personalities as Al Haj Shamim ud Din,Dilawar Figaar,Fatima Syraiiya Bajiya,Anwer Maqsood Hameedi,Prof akhlaq Akhatar Hameedi,Prof Sajid Hussain Naseeri,Humauyun Farshori,Hyder Hasnain Jaleesi,Ameer Hasnain Jaleesi,noted poet Shakeel Badayuni etc. [ترمیم]Parents

Mr Anwar Hussain Hameedi Mrs Fatima Akhtar Naseeri [ترمیم]Job

At Govt. Degree College,Karachi [ترمیم]Skills

Dictionary Expert Educationist Critic Poet Writer Anchor Editor Playwright Syllabi Maker [ترمیم]Awards

Tot Batot Award 1979 Urdu Academy Award 1980 Urdu Academy Award 1981 UNICEF Award 1990 Pakistan Science Foundation Award 1992 Pakisatn Education Academy Award 1994 A.P.N.S Award 1995 Education Olympiod Award 1996 Federal Ministry Of education(national Book Foundation Award 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2006-2007-2009-2010 Voice Of america Award 2002 B.B.C award 2006 Nomanation Pride Of Performance 1987-2009 Nomination Sitara e Imtiaz 2010 [ترمیم]Books

Titliyaan Poetry for children 1976 Khoon Aalood Khanjar ISBN 601 456 8786 13 9 Soney Ka Cake ISBN 675 543 9675 16 6 Chaabi Waali Motor ISBN 987 786 4523 19 7 Pur Asraar Sandooq ISBN 610 456 8787 89 5 Satwaan Tilissm ISBN 978 969 9562 19 8 Lijey Ice Cream Khaiey 978 969 9562 19 8 Garrm Garrrm Rotiyan ISBN 978 969 9562 19 8 Ghazlen 1n 2005 Mein Hon Mahram e Raaz e Daroon e Mey Khana (Tanqeed)*2008 [ترمیم]M.Phil/Ph.D

Aazadi k Baad Urdu Mein Bachon Ka Adab From Federal Urdu University in 2003 [ترمیم]Pakistan Children Writers Guild

Proff Syed Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi is a founder of Pakistan Children Writers Guild(P.C.W.G) Regd.He is also a chief patron of Hameedi Children Foudation by City Disst, Govt.Karachi. [ترمیم]References!msg/BAZMeQALAM/VAzw4PvqHw0/wR-gcZhsoHcJڈاکٹر+پروفیسر+سید+مجیب+ظفر+انوار+حمیدی [ترمیم]External Linksڈاکٹر+پروفیسر+سید+مجیب+ظفر+انوار+حمیدی [ترمیم]زمرہ

Bachon Ka Adab Urdu Mein By Prof Syed Mujeeb Zafar Anwar Hameedi 2002 Prof Gillani Kamran, Pakistani literature-evolution and trends Pakistani writers in English: A question of identity Pakistani literature and discussion about it at the Open Directory Project Pakistani literature [ترمیم]Further External Linksڈاکٹر+پروفیسر+سید+مجیب+ظفر+انوار+حمیدی Pakistani literature and discussion about it at the Open Directory Project Pakistani writers in English: A question of identity سانچہ:اردو_ادب پروفیسر ڈاکٹر مجیب ظفر انوار Hameedi، Pakistan.Mujeeb ظفر انور سے ایک گہری، ممتاز بچوں رائٹر 24،1959 اگست کو کراچی میں پیدا کیا گیا تھا. فہرست [غائب کریں] 1 ابتدائی زندگی 2 مزید پروفائل 3 Spoue اور خاندان 4 والدین 5 ملازمت 6 ہنر 7 ایوارڈ 8 کتب 9 ایم فل / پی ایچ ڈی 10 پاکستان کے بچوں کے مصنفین گلڈ 11 حوالہ جات 12 بیرونی روابط 13 زمرہ 14 مزید بیرونی روابط ابتدائی زندگی مجیب ظفر انوار لیاقت آباد (شیش محل) Karachi.he پر پیدا ہونے والے Hameedi کراچی گرامر اسکول (سدر) سے اور ان کی تعلیم کا آغاز کیا اور ان کی میٹرک کا امتحان پاس 1976.Now کیونکہ وہ DJ سپریم کورٹ میں شمولیت اختیار کی ہے. کالج اور 1980.He میں ان کی F.Sc پاس B.Sc ایوان کے پاس پھر 1985 میں انہوں نے اردو سائنس کالج، گلشن Iqbaal (کراچی) میں ایک co.operative (assatt.) لیکچرر تھا انہوں نے Mohammdi پبلک اسکول میں ان کے کام شروع کر دیا کے بعد. 1985.There پروفیسر غلام مصطفی خان، محمد الیاس خان اور محترمہ ES Andrws (Conina، CA) اب مجیب ظفر 9 سال بعد کیڈٹ کالج اسٹیل ٹاؤن کراچی میں Pitaro، اردو میں لیکچر کے طور پر شروع کر دیا school.He کے پرنسپل کے طور پر استعفی دے دیا ہے. اور آغا خان ایجوکیشن Services.In 1998 پروفیسر مجیب ظفر انوار Hameedi سندھ پبلک سروس کمیشن سے گزر چکا ہے اور کے طور پر اردو میں Asst Proff گورنمنٹ پوسٹ بن گیا ہے. لڑکے دہلی کالج تو Daulah ڈگری Collega.Now وہ Konkar ڈگری کالج میں پرنسپل تھا Sirajud. مزید پروفائل مجیب ظفر انور بنیادی طور پر children.He کے لئے ایک رایٹر کئی مختصر کہانیاں، نظمیں، drammas، سوانح عمری، تعلیم subbmitt متنبہ تعلیم اور ان کی 12 books.Prof مجیب ظفر پر اس سے نوازا کے طور پر میں ان کا نام fictions etc.Ministry لکھا ممتاز تعلیم بچوں اور تمام world.He پر Juvinile ادب کی ایک حوالہ صرف Children.Pakistani گورنمنٹ کے لئے 8000 سکرپٹ لکھا تھا. ستارہ ای Imtiz نامزدگی اور کارکردگی نامزدگی کا فخر کی طرف سے مجیب ظفر انور سے قدر، coz بال ادب نمبر ادب کے طور پر دن پیش کیا گیا تھا. Spoue اور فیملی مجیب ظفر انوار hameedi سیدہ ناہید مجیب merried اور دو بچے Mariyam مجیب انور اور زین Hameedi.He ایک بہن بشری ظفر انور Hameedi اور ایک بھائی Navaid ظفر انور Hameedi ہے. مجیب Hameedi نے Badayun.Badayun کے نوبل خاندان سے تعلق رکھتا ہے UP (بھارت) میں ایک ادبی خطہ ہے مجیب خاندان میں الحاج شمیم ​​الدین، دلاور Figaar، فاطمہ Syraiiya Bajiya، انور مقصود Hameedi، پروفیسر کے طور پر بہت سے پڑھے لکھے اور ادبی شخصیات ہیں. اخلاق Akhatar Hameedi، پروفیسر ساجد حسین Naseeri، Humauyun Farshori، حیدر حسنین Jaleesi، امیر حسنین Jaleesi، شاعر شکیل Badayuni وغیرہ نے کہا والدین مسٹر انور حسین Hameedi مسز فاطمہ اختر Naseeri ملازمت گورنمنٹ. ڈگری کالج، کراچی ہنر ڈکشنری ماہر تعلیم کریٹک شاعر مصنف لنگر ایڈیٹر ڈرامہ نصاب ساز ایوارڈ Tot Batot ایوارڈ 1979 اردو اکیڈمی ایوارڈ 1980 اردو اکیڈمی ایوارڈ 1981 یونیسیف 1990 ایوارڈ پاکستان سائنس فاؤنڈیشن 1992 ایوارڈ Pakisatn تعلیم اکیڈمی ایوارڈ 1994 A.P.N.S 1995 ایوارڈ تعلیم Olympiod ایوارڈ 1996 وفاقی وزارت تعلیم (نیشنل بک فاؤنڈیشن 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2006-2007-2009-2010 ایوارڈ امریکہ 2002 ایوارڈ کی آواز B.B.C ایوارڈ 2006 1987-2009 کارکردگی کے Nomanation فخر نامزدگی ستارہ امتیاز 2010 کتب Titliyaan 1976 بچوں کے لئے شاعری خون Aalood Khanjar ISBN 601 456 8786 9 13 Soney کا کیک 675 ISBN 543 9675 6 16 Chaabi Waali موٹر 987 ISBN 786 4523 7 19 پور Asraar Sandooq 610 ISBN 456 8787 5 89 Satwaan Tilissm ISBN 978 969 9562 8 19 Lijey آئس کریم 978 Khaiey 969 9562 8 19 Garrm Garrrm Rotiyan 978 ISBN 969 9562 8 19 Ghazlen 2005 1n میں ماننیی محرم ای Raaz ای ای Daroon Mey (Tanqeed) خانہ 2008 * ایم فل / پی ایچ ڈی Aazadi K بعد اردو میں Bachon کا 2003 میں وفاقی اردو یونیورسٹی سے ادب پاکستان چلڈرن رائٹرز گلڈ Proff سید مجیب ظفر انوار Hameedi پاکستان چلڈرن رائٹرز (PCWG) گلڈ کے بانی ہے Regd.He بھی شہر Disst، Govt.Karachi کی طرف سے ایک Hameedi بچوں Foudation کے چیف سرپرست ہے. حوالہ جات (میگزین)؟page_id=176 http:/ / (پاکستان) و Tarbiat # Some_Noted_Writers_Of_Magazine؟fromgroups # msg/BAZMeQALAM/VAzw4PvqHw0/wR-gcZhsoHcJ! Alamgir_Hashmi http:/ / htm بیرونی روابط زمرہ Bachon کا ادب اردو پروفیسر سید مجیب ظفر انوار Hameedi 2002؟s=H پروفیسر گیلانی کامران، پاکستانی ادب کے ارتقاء اور رجحانات میں انگریزی میں پاکستانی ادیبوں: اوپن ڈائرکٹری پروجیکٹ پاکستانی ادب کی شناخت اس کے بارے میں پاکستان کے ادب اور بحث کا ایک سوال مزید بیرونی روابط اس کے بارے میں پاکستانی ادب اور بحث اوپن ڈائرکٹری پروجیکٹ انگریزی میں پاکستانی لکھاریوں: تشخص