Takaki takehana

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Takaki Takehana (Hawaiian name is Takaki Carcamo Takehana) was Born 1992 in june in oahu island of hawaii.He has a Father,mother, 2brothers,and a sister.he was raised in kauai island of hawaii. he had studied in mexico for 2years before he has started junior high-school ,and in 2010,he has also studied in China University of Taiko太湖大学, At that time, he was praised by the major of shanghai. His father runs his own business which is Real estate industry in hawaii.his mother is a great investor,such as that she has been related with investment in Waikiki development project and shanghai international exposition. his family is very close friend with a japanese singer group southern all stars and he and his family can be seen in Southan all stars-music videos.his mother is also investing in any potential singers. thereby, Takaki Takehana was introduced by local radio station KCCN of oahu. After he had graduated University of hawaii ,he has started working at SoftBank Mobile ,. After he had quit the job,he has launched his own business with support from his family.he started managing language school GLOBAL PIONEER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and expanding to international.for the first step,he started to establish 1school in Mexico city,3schools in tokyo,and 1school in honolulu.Even though he couldn't be very successful due to low demand in a english,his work was mentioned in the local news paper STAR ADVERTISER.